Saturday, 3 September 2011


Sorry, disappeared for days again…. no, not because I did a triple somersault dive off the wagon this time!

On Wednesday I spent the day shopping in Clifton, then did a river boat ferry trip in Bristol, followed by an evening with my Dad & his wife, and stayed the night there with no blogging access.


On Wednesday I walked for about 4 – 4.5 hrs, some of it carrying a couple of heavy shopping bags. I did flag a bit after that, and the ferry ride was as much for a rest as an experience (though I thoroughly enjoyed it). I felt after that that I had possibly overdone the un-carbed walking and that’s why I eased up and allowed some carbs on Thursday (see below) while taking a rest day.

Thursday was my (40th) birthday and I spent the day with my Mum & her OH, visiting Devizes on market day


then having lunch and in the evening had a takeaway with M. So yes, all right, on Thursday I did eat too much, and it wasn’t really Dukan-friendly either day. But no binges, I got back into it yesterday with a pure protein day, and I’m already ok with my weigh in this morning!



Breakfast: You already saw the steak & eggs!

Lunch: Gourmet Burger Kitchen Lamb (not allowed on Dukan) burger with no bun and a salad. The burger was good but not as good as the Buffalo one; the salad was disappointing and limp. Ah well.


Dinner: Rotisserie chicken & salad

Snacks: I had to buy a yoghurt and add oat bran to it because after pre-making my oat bran pancake a day in advance I forgot to take it with me.


Breakfast: Oat bran mixed into Greek yoghurt with 2 packs of turkey breast

Lunch: Blackened tuna with salad and baked potato (just one of the butter pats)


When we got back from the lunch I baked a gluten free peach & blueberry crumble from Elana Amsterdam’s Cooking with Almond flour cook book; the topping is made with almond flour & grapeseed oil, it only had half a dozen ingredients and was dead simple to make & really delicious – but I forgot to take a picture. I had it with a tiny bit of Ambrosia low fat custard.

Dinner: Non-vegetarian set meal for 2 from our local Indian restaurant – a mini Tandoori grill, followed by pilau rice with lamb balti, bombay potatoes & chicken tikka masala.



Breakfast: oat bran pancake used as wrap full of ham (the one I made to eat on Wednesday) and some chicken


Lunch: More chicken (I’ll start growing feathers soon!) in an omelette of one whole egg & a large helping of egg-white


Dinner: Dukan barbecue (all meat & fish, no salad!) Chicken skewers & 1 rump steak skewer; a biesbok fillet. I also had a naughty mini Bratwurst after taking this horribly unfocused picture – no, your eyes are not failing you, it really does look like that….


This morning’s weight: 144.25lbs

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  1. Happy belated birthday!

    If you can't have carbs on your birthday, then when can you?

    This Dukan diet is even more hardcore than Paleo! I'm surprised Kate Middleton didn't sprout feathers by the time she married Wills...