Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Belated Tuesday

I visited my Mum yesterday for the day, and got back late enough not to feel like blogging – didn’t read any posts or write any, just fell into a long hot bath followed by bed!

I had a lovely very relaxed day, lots of conversation, no real exercise apart from a slow stroll around the town where I grew up, and a nice (totally not-Dukan) Chinese lunch! And I ate some carbs… but not very many.  I was really surprised to learn that my Mum’s town, which is probably similar in size to Chepstow, but to be honest not quite as well-off, offers far more options in terms of health foods, deli-type foods and GF goodies than Chepstow – so now I might be able to get this stuff without always having to go online or trek into Cardiff!

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Chicken soup & an oat bran pancake with an egg patty


Lunch: Chicken & Mushroom soup (much better than the home-made stuff I had for breakfast!)


Roast pork with mixed vegetables and boiled rice (only ate about half of the rice)


Dinner: Turkey breast slices & salad


Snacks: flapjack (small pieces of Mum’s home-made flapjack); chicken pieces, banana bread Nak’d bar

Weight today: 143.5 lbs

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