Friday, 30 September 2011

Back from hols

Weight: Very high. Very, very high.

11st 4lbs or 158 lbs. I would say I’m not disgusted because it includes water retention from the long haul flight yesterday, but you know that’s a lie… I’m back on the Dukan Attack today!

So, holidays… we went on a two week cruise from Newark to Boston, Portland & Bar Harbor in Maine, then into Canada to visit Halifax, Quebec, Charlottetown & Sydney. Followed by 4 nights in Manhattan because we couldn’t get the right flight home till then (oh no! Disaster!! I luurrve New York and haven’t been for about 7 years so the only down side was not long enough to do everything we wanted to do, though clearly (see above) I managed to cram in a lot of eating. A lot.

I think Dukan-ing for not quite long enough to get in the habit then falling face first into the cruise world of over-indulgence was too much for what passes for my self-control. I managed one day or maybe two of relative restraint, but it was offset by multiple days of bingeing in between. With huge amounts of gluten to upset my digestive system and trigger cravings all over the damn place as well. Still, its over now and the protein diet with oat bran Galette is back!

I will do some day by day posts about my wonderful holiday but this one is just an overview. First up, I trained every day but 2 on the cruise (ellipticizing in the gym) before breakfast most of the time, but a few times in the afternoon or mid-morning. So that was good.

In NY we stayed at a boutique hotel with no gym (though privileges for a gym two blocks away… yeah, we never made it through the door. Actually we never made it TO the door… however, we walked an estimated 5 – 9 miles a day while in town, from our hotel near Times Square to Greenwich Village, to Wall Street, and up past Central Park, during the day for exploration and trips and in the evening to go out for dinner, until even I was fed up of walking. So that was good.

I wanted to shop at Trader Joe’s / Whole Foods but rain out of time before I could get sorghum or sweet rice flour, both of which are used in a lot of gf recipes I have, neither of which I can find in the UK. So that was NOT good.

On our last night in NY we had an enormously expensive meal, with buckets of wine, and I got pissed. Then we got up at 4am for our flight home, and I still felt pissed. The a bit hung over. So that was NOT good.

Our flight got in 15 minutes early and we had a smooth drive home. We’d also had a wonderfully smooth no-crisis journey out, so that WAS good. And our house didn’t get burgled / burned down while we were away – so that WAS VERY good

I was up past midnight last night (UK time) and then got up at 6am this morning. If you can read any of the above, that’s quite good too…

I’ll be back shortly with more, especially updates on how well the Dukan diet can help after a 3 week food-fest. Except tomorrow I have in-laws visiting, so I can’t promise it will go that well then…

Stay Healthy


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  1. Glad you had a good time I too am doing Dukan and have stuck rigidly to it but after the initial loss of 5lbs nothing has moved since :(