Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I didn't sleep too badly last night, waking up only twice and managing to fall asleep again. I'm still struggling to feel very motivated in the mornings but I'm trying to build up some training momentum so I got on the elliptical anyway - and followed it with 3 pull ups (yep, trying to start doing them again) on top of 3 last night as well. I was quite pleased to manage 3 given that I haven't done any for ages...
At lunchtime I slipped back into my comfort zone with a walk into Bedminster to leave some recycling and pick up some groceries. It takes about 18 - 20 minutes each way and was baking hot so while I was there I bought some wet wipes and more deodorant to make myself more socially acceptable in the office...  I think it worked, but maybe my colleagues were just too polite to comment Winking smile
Food today :
Breakfast: 2 microwave protein muffins (one chocolate, one ginger)


Lunch: Salad with cold roast salmon followed by fresh fruit salad
Dinner: Slow cooker ginger beef with garlic (too much pepper Crying face) and stir fry


Snacks: Nak'd cocoa Orange bar and a handful of Brazil nuts
Weight: 146 lbs

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