Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday working out

I didn't train this morning after being woken by my alarm and feeling a bit foggy. It seems like that always happens the day after I make plans to improve my consistency or intensity of training, doesn't it?
I did walk at lunchtime - over to Broadmead to see how it was surviving the riots. I couldn't really see any signs of problems except one broken window (which was no worse than you'd see in many cities after a normal Friday night). As usual it looks like the media made a mountain out of a molehill here - don't get me wrong though, after seeing the coverage of less fortunate cities, I'm NOT complaining!

While I was out I bought a juice - celery, cucumber and spinach with added spirulina. It tasted... healthy. Worthy. Definitely not naughty... And it was green. Very.

After work I made up for missing this morning's training session. I started out planning a 25 minute interval program on the stationary bike, but when I finished that I felt like following it with a 20 minute interval program on the elliptical as well – so pleased with myself!!!

Food today :
Breakfast: microwave protein muffin with Greek yoghurt & home-made applesauce + 1 protein flour pancake before I headed to work, just because…

Lunch: Salad with cold baked tofu & feta and a small piece of flapjack

Dinner: seafood with stir-fried veg


Snacks: Bounce spirulina & ginseng energy boost ball; punnet of blueberries; dried & fresh fruit

Weight: 145.5 lbs

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