Tuesday, 9 August 2011


25 minutes intervals on the elliptical this morning followed by 5 pull ups (they make me feel so strong! Apart from being able to do only 5, that is!) and a walk at lunch time. I know I’m doing less right now than I was, but I’m doing something and that is the most important thing I think. By only doing 25 minutes first thing I have time to grab a coffee before I start, which gives me a much needed energy boost at that time of the morning. My ideal would be getting up at a similar time, breakfasting and then training around 9 am, but work prevents that, so what can I do? Speaking of work, we were all ordered to leave the office by 5pm today in case of more rioting in Bristol. The last lot didn’t go anywhere near the office, so I think they’re over-reacting myself, but as I always leave at 4pm it made no difference to me!

Food today
Breakfast: protein muffin with homemade applesauce & Greek yoghurt

Lunch: salad with bbq tuna & feta cheese

Dinner: beef mince & pea madras with brown rice & salad, followed by the leftover rice pudding from last night. I’m going to make some more to have for breakfast for a change… but first, does anyone know if you can freeze rice pudding? If not I need to halve the quantities


Snacks: wasabi peas & dried fruit

Weight: don't know as I couldn't get to the scales this morning

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