Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday slump

I didn’t have the motivation to train this morning, so I didn’t…. and then it was raining at lunchtime so I didn’t walk then either.

However, I did train after work, and worked really quite hard too – just on the elliptical, but I really wasn’t dialling it in the way I might have this morning if I’d pushed myself, I guess that wasn’t a bad thing. I do feel I train better after work – except that even these days I train more consistently and behave slightly more healthily during the day if I train in the morning – and that wins with me!

Food today :
Breakfast: protein muffins topped with Greek yoghurt & honey, followed by 1 slice bacon, some breakfast potatoes and an overcooked fried egg (whoops)


Lunch: salad with bbq'd tuna and fruit salad to follow

Dinner:  Prawn stir fry


Snacks: More Greek yoghurt & honey & some chocolate covered raisins and peanuts (for energy to train Winking smile)
Weight: 145.4lbs

1 comment:

  1. Your shrimp stir fry looks yummy! I wish you'd come cook for me. All your food looks so inventive and pretty.

    Have a great weekend!