Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Quick & Dirty

This post, I mean – don’t get all worked up!

I won’t have time to post later but I don’t want to miss a day after getting almost out of the habit of posting last week, so I’m here at hideous-a.m. just to cover breakfast and say hi.

And say I’m still craaaaving carbs, but happy with my weigh in so hoping the cravings don’t get any stronger.

Food today:

Breakfast: Steak & eggs!!! Never had that for breakfast before (M did on some of our US holidays, but it seemed a bit heavy for me in days when I allowed myself to eat gluten so had many more options than now, and days when I wasn’t trying to Dukan-it.


Enjoyed it – but didn’t find it as filling as the calories should make it, or maybe that’s my mental stomach saying it would’ve been better with some toast to dip in the eggs. Or breakfast potatoes or something.

Planned food for later:

Snack: oat bran pancake wrapped around ham & mustard. Greek yoghurt with rhubarb

Lunch: Don’t know. I’ll be out shopping in Clifton and haven’t yet figured out what will work – maybe just some cooked meat bought from somewhere if I’m strong enough, if not I’ll try to stick to meat + vegetables in a restaurant

Snack: might buy some cooked prawns

Dinner: No idea at all, again I’ll try to stick to meat & veg. I’ll fill you in tomorrow!

Weight: 144.4lbs

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