Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nearly the weekend…

I didn't feel up to a morning training session today either, possibly because I worked quite hard on my intervals yesterday and wasn't rested enough, even after an embarrassingly early night last night. I also nibbled a bit after training yesterday (I think that explains my weigh in) because I was so hungry that it seemed to take too long just prepping & cooking my stir fry. I think I would've been better off if I'd had a mid-afternoon snack to fuel the training, but I don't really trust myself to be sure of actually DOING the training to be comfortable with doing that... dilemmas... if I did trust myself more I'd actually choose to switch to evening training as I do feel stronger that way... ah well, two weeks tomorrow my contract ends and I'll be free to train whenever I want for a little while!

I didn't get a proper walk at lunchtime either, as after a morning of heavy rain & winds it just wasn't appealing. So today is a rest day by default...

Food today :
Breakfast: protein muffin topped with Greek yoghurt & defrosted black forest fruit + a plum

Lunch: ham & hard boiled egg sandwiched in gf bread with a little side salad from the work canteen

Dinner: M&S gf breaded chicken breast with salad


Snacks: protein water; Greek yoghurt with honey

Weight: 146 lbs :-(

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