Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Monday’s very late blog post

Today I didn't train before work - too tired again after not much sleep at the weekend plus its about to be that TOM again so I'm retaining water like a sponge, constipated & hungry all the time with an annoying lower back ache to boot :-(
Long story short, small (hah!) binge at lunchtime but given the above I'm not despairing as I usually do...
ETA I meant to train after work but mid-afternoon I heard someone might be viewing our house Tuesday so I had to spend the evening on housework (and bingeing some more) and then having an early night to avoid more food...

Food round up:
Breakfast: buckwheat & brown rice flakes with soy milk & berries


Lunch: weight watchers baked beans on gf toast


Dinner: Fake Nandos with grilled chilli halloumi & portobello mushroom burger in gf roll, oven wedges & salad


Breakfast: brioche with goats cheese & strawberry jam


Lunch: vegetable tofu soup with a slice of (bought) gf bread


Dinner: casserole of braising beef & onion in red wine cooked in the slow cooker, with new potatoes and steamed vegetables


Snacks: half a pumpkin 9 bar, a ton of dried Apple to try (unsuccessfully) to shift the constipation and a slice of gf flourless Orange cake from the freezer
Food today :
Breakfast: chia seed whey pudding topped with berries & yoghurt and a ton of melon & other fresh fruit
Lunch: leafy salad with basil tofu
Dinner: ready meal central... Waitrose aloo gobi and lentil & spinach dahl followed by an individual raspberry panna cotta



Snacks: granola bake from work canteen - oats, dried cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds; chocolate, ice-cream and several forms of fried potatoes

Weight: 146.1lbs

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