Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Late post for me!

After I posted last night I came over all energetic and didn't even have time to read any blogs! After dinner, blogging & prepping lunch for today I watched some TV while doing the odd plank, squatting while holding onto the furniture etc. and then did 2 yoga routines totalling about 50 minutes, having already done some cardio and then housework when I first got home. I don't know where the surge of motivation came from, especially as I'd been feeling bad about the chocolate cake I got yesterday lunchtime when I finished eating it... normally I would either have done nothing (except possibly eating more) or tried to burn it off with about 3hrs cardio, but I think the yoga was a better idea!
40 minutes on the elliptical this morning before breakfast. I know I keep talking about getting back on track while doing the opposite, but I felt more like I used to - less like I had to force myself into the gym, more like I was expecting to go because that's what I do in the mornings - which felt particularly good after all my activities yesterday evening, which might have been expected to leave me a bit tired. I think I slept a bit better last night - still waking a few times, but maybe sleeping more deeply in between those times and falling asleep again more easily.

On the plus side, whatever the reason, I had little interest in sweet stuff today. Luckily the waffles at breakfast are not very sweet & the berries were actively tart so there was no early sugar rush to start to day off on the wrong path!

I didn't walk at lunchtime because I had an essay to work on.
This evening I visited my Dad after work, gave them some baking I wanted to get out of my freezer and had a good chat.

Food today
Breakfast: 2 almond flour waffles (one as a post training snack) with defrosted berries, a little honey, a little almond butter & Greek yoghurt. I wanted to see if the larger breakfast helped me control my snacking later. Did it work? Read on to find out.... (oh, the excitement!)


Lunch: salad with baked tofu, sweetcorn, a little leftover chicken, and sweetfire beetroot

Dinner: Beef stew with veg & new potatoes followed by a small piece of raspberry meringue

Snacks: fruit

Weight: 147.1lbs AGAIN damnit!!! I know its my own fault but that doesn't mean its not really really annoying!!!

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  1. You have an interesting life. Add some more housework to your cardio and yoga and I think you will manage to loose some weight. When you stay and do nothing you always think of food. So, try to stay busy when you are at home. Cleaning is a good way for reducing the extra kilos.