Monday, 15 August 2011

Late bloomer

Yesterday morning I had a depressing experience... M, who is very weight-lifting oriented when it comes to fitness, agreed to show me how to do some big compound lifts that I thought would be an efficient way to add weights to what passes for my exercise regime. I expected to be weak and girly in terms of the weight... I didn't expect to be so inflexible that I couldn't achieve a single squat without leaving my body exposed to the risk of injury. So I'm not doing squats or deadlifts, and I feel like Pinocchio's much older sister :-(. After that little failure I settled for looking up ways to improve my flexibility (any suggestions gratefully received) and hammering out 40 minutes on the elliptical (which went very well - frustration in apparently a great motivator for me) so is eating, so I did lots of nibbling on fruit after that too.
And there may have been some sulking. with a little booze, and not enough water. Because when you're depressed at a lack of fitness making yourself less fit is always sooo helpful...
Before the discovery that my body is the body of a 600 yr old mummy I did attempt some wobbly bench presses and dips, so to add injury to insult I'm actually aching a bit today across the chest, shoulders & upper back even though I did hardly anything.


Didn't train this morning... I did walk at lunchtime, but undid the good of that with a piece of chocolate cake. However I trained when I got home – 40 vigorous minutes on the elliptical walker.

Food Sunday:
Breakfast: almond flour pancakes from Elana Amsterdam's almond flour cookbook (except I added raisins & made them into waffles instead of pancakes) with LF Bacon and melon


Lunch: A big protein fruit smoothie


Dinner: Chicken roast dinner


Snacks: lots of fruit

Food today :
Breakfast: 1 almond flour waffle with Greek yoghurt, raspberries & melon chunks


Lunch: leafy salad with baked basil tofu & slice of chocolatey cake-type stuff

Dinner: Slow cooked chicken adobo over cauliflower rice. Not the prettiest meal I’ve ever taken a bad photo of, but very tasty!  It was a little overcooked because not only did I have to kick it off early before heading out to work, but I also left it on Keep warm setting while I trained. If it was good after all that, the recipe is a keeper (which is lucky because I stuck 4 chicken breasts in a baggie with the marinade and froze them after they’d sat in it for an hour. I only cooked one today, so the others are still in the freezer)


Snacks: punnet of cherries; yoghurt with mango puree

Weight: 147.1lbs – I earned it, sadly. When I mentioned watching a movie on Saturday I failed to mention the pistachios & cashew nuts I ate while watching it… And after I posted I also ate a slice of orange flourless cake & a chunk of gf banana bread. Grrr

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  1. Surely it's good that you have something to aim for with the weights. I remember when I started out with weights I was lifting very light and getting really bad (or good, depending on what way you look at it!) DOMS and I was able to increase the weights steadily and my DOMS lessened each time unless I changed it up a bit. I never lifted very much with my squats but I got to the point where I couldn't safely lift at home (and the gym wouldn't suit me while I commute to work). I don't lift now but if I go back to it at some stage I expect to have to start out low but increase the weights steadily again.

    Re flexibility I'll be blah and say yoga I suppose? You already do a little of that I think? But it might give you more focus if you're doing it for a specific purpose i.e. increasing your flexibility for other forms of exercise....