Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello again

Before I start off boring for Britain I want to say thanks to deisegirl, Roxie, Jessica & Keri for your support yesterday... you were all much nicer to me than I was being and you gave me some much needed perspective!

Despite my silence most of the weekend I didn't actually binge my way through the whole thing. I did stop photographing my food religiously so I can't show you some the damage, but as far as I can recall I will fill you in... I barely slept all weekend and had a low grade headache all day yesterday as a result. It has occurred to me that maybe I struggle to sleep more when I eat crap, so I'll be trying to track my sleep and food in combination to see if there is any correlation there...
Saturday I had virtually no energy in the morning. I drove to the supermarket first thing, then sat around reading Kelley Armstrong books on my kindle for the rest of the morning while using the grey weather as an excuse not to go out. After lunch forced myself to walk into town (and it did feel like harder work than usual as a result of no enthusiasm) and coming home again, after a dry day to that point, got caught in a torrential downpour half way across the fields. That actually improved my mood for some reason (not masochism / feeling like I deserved to get drenched, but more positive humour based on the sods law of it raining just them when I spent the (dry) morning using the possibility of rain to excuse not walking...
Yesterday my brother visited us. Due to the very changeable weather again we didn't go for a walk - I treated it as a rest day - but we all went out for an Indian meal instead and I had a wonderful time chatting to 2 of my favourite men, relaxing and enjoying the food more than I have enjoyed anything I've eaten lately.

This morning I once again didn't feel much like training but instead of either not bothering at all or forcing myself to slightly rebelliously through a 40 minute program I settled for a more intense but much shorter program and felt.much better for it. Then at lunchtime I walked to Broadmead to shop at m&s and bought some new sweat-wicking training tops. Now I have to train more consistently to justify the expense! ;-) It was quite.nice while I was out, not too hot for a change, and also for a kindly waited until I was back in the office before starting to rain again...

Food round up:
Breakfast: poached egg on gf toast followed by fruit & half s seeded bar from Asda


Lunch: was supposed to be veg-tofu soup but I guess I over-heated it or something so it was bloody horrible! After 2 mouthfuls I tossed it and defrosted some left over soy mince chilli, added extra water to soup-ify it a bit, and had that instead, followed by gf brioche with reduced sugar strawberry jam

Dinner: roasted vegetables, 4 big roasted prawns, salad & feta cheese


Snacks: Dried and fresh fruit

Breakfast: should have been almond flour pancakes from Elena Amsterdam's almond flour cookbook but I accidentally subbed peanut flour in there... they were still good but the vanilla was a little overpowering (definitely not enough to stop me eating the rest of the batch ;-) ) with Greek yoghurt and a little syrup

Lunch: aloo chat
Lamb Captain Pathila with boiled rice
Pineapple ice-cream

Dinner: are you kidding me??? I was still stuffed with wonderful Indian food at bedtime, so dinner wasn't happening!!!
Snacks: half a pumpkin 9 bar

Food today :

Breakfast: 1 protein muffin subbing peach & mango LF yoghurt for the pumpkin puree, with Greek yoghurt & fruit to compensate for the lack of fruit / veg in the muffin

Lunch: leafy salad with bbq tuna

Dinner: mum & her oh visited me today & we went to Wetherspoons for dinner, where I had rump steak, baked potato and salad (excuse the photo taken by flash – it was dark in there!)


And for supper… home-made slow-cooker rice pudding with strawberry jam!!! It was mum’s OH’s birthday today and rice pudding is his favourite pudding…


Snacks: Fresh & dried fruit

Weight: 145.4lbs


  1. Sounds like it's been a tough few days but that you've come out of it a stronger person? I still see little victories there! I'd eat dinner no matter what, even if I'd had a bigger meal at lunch, for example, and the fact that you enjoyed your food is great, regardless of what the food's content.

    I love rice pud too: I really like a rice porridge I've been eating as part of a gluten-free trial thing because cooked in soy milk it reminds me of cold winter evening desserts as a kid :)


  2. It has been my experience that my lack of sleep is one of the prime factors in my over-eating. It's pure biology for me, I think. My body is CRAVING something for energy and it makes staying on track much, much harder.

    Roxie here - blogger still hates me