Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Give meeee carbs!!!

OK, so I am missing the carbs today… I’ve had no energy all day and I’ve eaten tons of protein which hasn’t really satisfied the urges at all – but so far I’ve technically stuck to the diet again – just about. It’s a protein + veg day, as will tomorrow and Thursday be since I’m visiting family both days. I meant to train in the morning but didn’t find the motivation; instead I walked into town. Then I did eventually get on the elliptical mid-afternoon and though I lasted out the 40 minutes it felt damn hard, very long, and more like a morning pre-breakfast session than anything. I slept appallingly last night again (I keep having to get up for the loo in the night – this Dukan diet is very heavy on the water and other drinks!) and actually dozed off for 15 minutes this afternoon – it would have been longer but I got an email and my phone made an annoying noise that woke me up!

Now I’m off to watch TV on the sofa and hopefully not fall asleep again until a halfway respectable time!

Food today:

Breakfast: Tuna, peppers & onion egg scramble


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with rhubarb stewed in a can of diet seven up,


FF fromage frais, chicken slow cooked in tandoori marinade

Lunch: chicken slow cooked in tandoori marinade with fromage frais, cucumber & mint raita, oat bran pancake and home grown tomatoes


Snacks: more fromage frais and cottage cheese. Actually that’s not as bad as I thought. Unless I’m forgetting something….

Dinner: Soup. I made a cream of mushroom soup from this recipe a few weeks ago and froze it. I defrosted some, added extra chicken stock I made from the carcass of one of my recent chickens, a couple of chicken thighs, 1 LC triangle and a little bit of onion.  When I reheated it at dinner time I added some asparagus. It was really tasty to be honest – not a bad combo at all!


Weight: 145.1lbs

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