Sunday, 28 August 2011

Desperate measures

After my extreme eating last week (sounds like a dangerous new sport for adrenalin junkies, doesn’t it?) I decided to go cold turkey on the carbs for a few days – to put it another way, I decided to spend a few days doing the Dukan Diet, starting with one day on Attack phase.  I started yesterday, and while I can’t say I enjoyed it a great deal, it wasn’t as horrible as when I tried to go on the Atkins diet a good many years ago. I’m not going to show you lots of photos of yesterday’s food – they weren’t meals so much as random assortments of unconnected protein sources! It’s now day 2, he recommends that people with about 10 lbs to lose have one day on Attack before going into cruise phase (alternating pure protein and protein + vegetables days) so that’s me and I’m still feeling motivated so I’ll keep it up as well as I can!


Breakfast: 1 chicken breast, slow cooked ‘chicken adobo’ that I had cooked for dinner Friday but then didn’t eat (my dinner Friday was a small box of Belgian chocolates my now ex-boss gave me as a goodbye gift on my last day)

Snacks: Crab sticks, half a chicken adobo breast, 2 mini babybel cheeses and a pint of skimmed milk.

Lunch: A small jar of cockles, an egg white-crab meat omelette and some more crab sticks. Omelette was as bland as it looks, I needed the cockles (in vinegar) just to assure myself my taste buds didn’t all die… (I bought this small red plate to contrast with pale food for photos. This shows why I needed to… on my usual white side plates you’d have wondered if I was posting an ‘after’ picture of this meal!!!)


Snacks: Greek yoghurt and yet. more. crab sticks…

Dinner: The other half of the adobo breast, a chicken leg (no skin) that I’d cooked in my slow cooker, a hard boiled egg, a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese and a handful of prawns. Don’t you wish you could have joined me? Actually my husband did wish that, or so he claimed – but he’d already eaten an actual meal so didn’t get to!

Supper: crab stick & babybel cheese

Woo hoo – lets throw a dinner party!!!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Dukan-mandated oatbran in the form of the oatbran galette (surprisingly good) with 2 poached eggs on it


Snacks: Chicken, Greek yoghurt

Lunch: Chicken egg white omelette


Snacks: Chicken and babybel cheese

Dinner: Slow cooked beef with asparagus & broccoli


On the plus side, my weight mid-bingefest on Thursday was 150lbs. Yesterday morning it was 149 lbs. Today it was 147.4lbs.

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