Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I went to bed later than usual after visiting my dad yesterday and still woke about 3:30 am this morning :-( I did however train on the elliptical for 40 minutes before work, and I think it did as usual give me an energy boost that was much needed. I didn't have a proper walk at lunchtime due to working on an essay, and the gloomy grey day with intermittent rain didn't fill me with energy - though I was less depressed / frustrated than usual (even when trying to make a phone call and failing to get a signal - I'm in the middle of bloody Bristol for goodness sake, I should be choosing which really convenient tower to connect to, not trying to connect from apparently a mine shaft or something!
Food today :
Breakfast: waffle with Greek yoghurt & berries + post-training waffle with fromage frais & reduced sugar jam


Lunch: Salad with cold baked tofu and some melon chunks
Dinner: a Malaysian vegetable curry with cauliflower rice – yum! I made it overnight in the slow cooker using a jar of sauce and some coconut milk and it was very tasty indeed!


Snacks: fruit
Weight: 147.4 lbs. I have no words...

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