Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

Still going strong on the eating side, though I am starting to really really want something sweet / carby now… I’m having another pure protein day today and once again that leads to some rather weird combos of food…

I walked into town this morning. It was fairly cool and not too humid for a change, not that I would actually complain about the weather today while so many in the US are coping with worse weather than we ever get here in soggy Wales! I did find it quite hard going, maybe because I’ve had virtually no carbs since Friday night, and had to buy some Pepsi Max & a pack of cold meat for the energy to get home again, but I made it! On the way I was hacking down a load of nettles & brambles in an attempt to clear the embankment trail a bit, and got some kind of weird sting on one hand and 3 blisters from shears on the other… Karma for attacking the local plant life no doubt, but worth it since I hate nettles with a passion (especially nettles that are taller than me!)

M gave me some flowers as its my birthday on Thursday (OMG I’m going to be 40!!!!) and we won’t be spending the day together


Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran pancake thingy (made with fromage frais today – I preferred yesterday’s, made with Quark) with two poached eggs again


Snacks: Greek yoghurt, chicken breast, a small pack of low fat ham

Lunch: a bowl of seafood selection (prawns, mussels & squid rings)


Snacks: Crab sticks

Dinner: Surf and….. more surf. Baked salmon fillet, seafood selection, Dukan’s oil free mayonnaise (one hard boiled egg, mashed with 2oz fat free fromage frais, 1/5 tsp Dijon mustard and seasoning) and gherkin slices as a garnish / condiment


Weight: 145.5lbs

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