Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Arrgh food hangover

Elliptical first thing, I barely had my eyes open when I climbed on Winking smile
I lasted the intended 40 minutes but suffered through it rather than enjoying it and felt a bit dodgy afterwards... serves me right I guess! One good thing - despite the food hangover, which always leads me wanting to eat more the day after a binge, today’s food cravings were all for healthier food!
I walked at lunchtime again, it was overcast and really humid to start with, then the sun came out and it was baking hot, making a fairly standard walk feel like a lot more effort than it was necessarily worth. About all I can really say about it is: I donated more books to charity; I got some fresh air and woke up a little bit; and I bought some prune juice for my on-going issue ;-)

Food today
Breakfast: overnight oats with berries & Greek yoghurt

Lunch: salad with basil tofu

Dinner: Bolognese sauce on chickpea spaghetti with salad


Snacks: satsuma; Greek yoghurt with honey
Weight: after yesterday's binge and the reason for said binge, like hell was I getting on the scales today ;-)

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