Friday, 19 August 2011

Another week done...

I trained this morning, making 6 consecutive days (Monday counts, even if I didn't train till evening!) Its been a while since I've managed to be that consistent even for that long - maybe I'm coming back! I haven't done enough yoga but I have practiced squatting much more consistently so hopefully I'll start seeing some improvement there soon...

This morning was glorious, really beautiful apart from a little mist - and really cold! When I went out to my car it felt more like October than August! I like that kind of weather though (not quite as much as I did when I had more natural insulation...) - its so much more comfortable and refreshing than the hotter heavier weather we've been putting up with.
By lunchtime it had warmed up a lot. I took a short pleasure walk (no rucksack) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think not walking most of this week gave it a bit more novelty value than usual!
I did a yoga session after work as well. I found it kind of boring at the time, but I did feel really relaxed and kind of zen afterwards so it was worth it in the end!

Food today:
Breakfast: overnight oats with dried fruit, fresh berries, Greek yoghurt & whey

Lunch: gf egg sandwich, an apple and some melon wedges

Dinner: breaded chicken with salad & roasted courgette 'fries' (that didn't actually 'fry'...) 'breaded' with almond flour

Snacks: granola bake & a small amount of dried fruit

Weight: 146.4 lbs

Stay Healthy

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