Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Quick & Dirty

This post, I mean – don’t get all worked up!

I won’t have time to post later but I don’t want to miss a day after getting almost out of the habit of posting last week, so I’m here at hideous-a.m. just to cover breakfast and say hi.

And say I’m still craaaaving carbs, but happy with my weigh in so hoping the cravings don’t get any stronger.

Food today:

Breakfast: Steak & eggs!!! Never had that for breakfast before (M did on some of our US holidays, but it seemed a bit heavy for me in days when I allowed myself to eat gluten so had many more options than now, and days when I wasn’t trying to Dukan-it.


Enjoyed it – but didn’t find it as filling as the calories should make it, or maybe that’s my mental stomach saying it would’ve been better with some toast to dip in the eggs. Or breakfast potatoes or something.

Planned food for later:

Snack: oat bran pancake wrapped around ham & mustard. Greek yoghurt with rhubarb

Lunch: Don’t know. I’ll be out shopping in Clifton and haven’t yet figured out what will work – maybe just some cooked meat bought from somewhere if I’m strong enough, if not I’ll try to stick to meat + vegetables in a restaurant

Snack: might buy some cooked prawns

Dinner: No idea at all, again I’ll try to stick to meat & veg. I’ll fill you in tomorrow!

Weight: 144.4lbs

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Give meeee carbs!!!

OK, so I am missing the carbs today… I’ve had no energy all day and I’ve eaten tons of protein which hasn’t really satisfied the urges at all – but so far I’ve technically stuck to the diet again – just about. It’s a protein + veg day, as will tomorrow and Thursday be since I’m visiting family both days. I meant to train in the morning but didn’t find the motivation; instead I walked into town. Then I did eventually get on the elliptical mid-afternoon and though I lasted out the 40 minutes it felt damn hard, very long, and more like a morning pre-breakfast session than anything. I slept appallingly last night again (I keep having to get up for the loo in the night – this Dukan diet is very heavy on the water and other drinks!) and actually dozed off for 15 minutes this afternoon – it would have been longer but I got an email and my phone made an annoying noise that woke me up!

Now I’m off to watch TV on the sofa and hopefully not fall asleep again until a halfway respectable time!

Food today:

Breakfast: Tuna, peppers & onion egg scramble


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with rhubarb stewed in a can of diet seven up,


FF fromage frais, chicken slow cooked in tandoori marinade

Lunch: chicken slow cooked in tandoori marinade with fromage frais, cucumber & mint raita, oat bran pancake and home grown tomatoes


Snacks: more fromage frais and cottage cheese. Actually that’s not as bad as I thought. Unless I’m forgetting something….

Dinner: Soup. I made a cream of mushroom soup from this recipe a few weeks ago and froze it. I defrosted some, added extra chicken stock I made from the carcass of one of my recent chickens, a couple of chicken thighs, 1 LC triangle and a little bit of onion.  When I reheated it at dinner time I added some asparagus. It was really tasty to be honest – not a bad combo at all!


Weight: 145.1lbs

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

Still going strong on the eating side, though I am starting to really really want something sweet / carby now… I’m having another pure protein day today and once again that leads to some rather weird combos of food…

I walked into town this morning. It was fairly cool and not too humid for a change, not that I would actually complain about the weather today while so many in the US are coping with worse weather than we ever get here in soggy Wales! I did find it quite hard going, maybe because I’ve had virtually no carbs since Friday night, and had to buy some Pepsi Max & a pack of cold meat for the energy to get home again, but I made it! On the way I was hacking down a load of nettles & brambles in an attempt to clear the embankment trail a bit, and got some kind of weird sting on one hand and 3 blisters from shears on the other… Karma for attacking the local plant life no doubt, but worth it since I hate nettles with a passion (especially nettles that are taller than me!)

M gave me some flowers as its my birthday on Thursday (OMG I’m going to be 40!!!!) and we won’t be spending the day together


Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran pancake thingy (made with fromage frais today – I preferred yesterday’s, made with Quark) with two poached eggs again


Snacks: Greek yoghurt, chicken breast, a small pack of low fat ham

Lunch: a bowl of seafood selection (prawns, mussels & squid rings)


Snacks: Crab sticks

Dinner: Surf and….. more surf. Baked salmon fillet, seafood selection, Dukan’s oil free mayonnaise (one hard boiled egg, mashed with 2oz fat free fromage frais, 1/5 tsp Dijon mustard and seasoning) and gherkin slices as a garnish / condiment


Weight: 145.5lbs

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Desperate measures

After my extreme eating last week (sounds like a dangerous new sport for adrenalin junkies, doesn’t it?) I decided to go cold turkey on the carbs for a few days – to put it another way, I decided to spend a few days doing the Dukan Diet, starting with one day on Attack phase.  I started yesterday, and while I can’t say I enjoyed it a great deal, it wasn’t as horrible as when I tried to go on the Atkins diet a good many years ago. I’m not going to show you lots of photos of yesterday’s food – they weren’t meals so much as random assortments of unconnected protein sources! It’s now day 2, he recommends that people with about 10 lbs to lose have one day on Attack before going into cruise phase (alternating pure protein and protein + vegetables days) so that’s me and I’m still feeling motivated so I’ll keep it up as well as I can!


Breakfast: 1 chicken breast, slow cooked ‘chicken adobo’ that I had cooked for dinner Friday but then didn’t eat (my dinner Friday was a small box of Belgian chocolates my now ex-boss gave me as a goodbye gift on my last day)

Snacks: Crab sticks, half a chicken adobo breast, 2 mini babybel cheeses and a pint of skimmed milk.

Lunch: A small jar of cockles, an egg white-crab meat omelette and some more crab sticks. Omelette was as bland as it looks, I needed the cockles (in vinegar) just to assure myself my taste buds didn’t all die… (I bought this small red plate to contrast with pale food for photos. This shows why I needed to… on my usual white side plates you’d have wondered if I was posting an ‘after’ picture of this meal!!!)


Snacks: Greek yoghurt and yet. more. crab sticks…

Dinner: The other half of the adobo breast, a chicken leg (no skin) that I’d cooked in my slow cooker, a hard boiled egg, a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese and a handful of prawns. Don’t you wish you could have joined me? Actually my husband did wish that, or so he claimed – but he’d already eaten an actual meal so didn’t get to!

Supper: crab stick & babybel cheese

Woo hoo – lets throw a dinner party!!!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Dukan-mandated oatbran in the form of the oatbran galette (surprisingly good) with 2 poached eggs on it


Snacks: Chicken, Greek yoghurt

Lunch: Chicken egg white omelette


Snacks: Chicken and babybel cheese

Dinner: Slow cooked beef with asparagus & broccoli


On the plus side, my weight mid-bingefest on Thursday was 150lbs. Yesterday morning it was 149 lbs. Today it was 147.4lbs.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Well. Hi. Anybody still there?

This has not been a good week. I trained every day except Monday, which was deliberate, but I have also spent the week gorging myself stupid on everything unhealthy imaginable. If I hadn't trained as well, I might have exploded myself.
The good thing about that is that I'm now sick to the back teeth of eating crap, and more than ready to stop this in its tracks. Again.
No surrender...

Friday, 19 August 2011

Another week done...

I trained this morning, making 6 consecutive days (Monday counts, even if I didn't train till evening!) Its been a while since I've managed to be that consistent even for that long - maybe I'm coming back! I haven't done enough yoga but I have practiced squatting much more consistently so hopefully I'll start seeing some improvement there soon...

This morning was glorious, really beautiful apart from a little mist - and really cold! When I went out to my car it felt more like October than August! I like that kind of weather though (not quite as much as I did when I had more natural insulation...) - its so much more comfortable and refreshing than the hotter heavier weather we've been putting up with.
By lunchtime it had warmed up a lot. I took a short pleasure walk (no rucksack) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think not walking most of this week gave it a bit more novelty value than usual!
I did a yoga session after work as well. I found it kind of boring at the time, but I did feel really relaxed and kind of zen afterwards so it was worth it in the end!

Food today:
Breakfast: overnight oats with dried fruit, fresh berries, Greek yoghurt & whey

Lunch: gf egg sandwich, an apple and some melon wedges

Dinner: breaded chicken with salad & roasted courgette 'fries' (that didn't actually 'fry'...) 'breaded' with almond flour

Snacks: granola bake & a small amount of dried fruit

Weight: 146.4 lbs

Stay Healthy

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Rain, rain everywhere rain...

This morning I woke at 3:30, fell asleep again and was woken by my alarm. I more or less fell out of bed and staggered to the bathroom making excuses to avoid training... then I somehow persuaded myself that it would be just about possible to last through 20 - 25 minutes and stuffed myself into training gear... when I hit the elliptical I found myself setting a 40 minute program, completing that, and following it with a couple of planks (hate!) and some (not many) practice squats, lunges and Arnold presses. However I think my body is unlikely to fall for that sort of trick again, it can be self destructive but isn't usually stupid... ; -)

No lunchtime walk due to the aforementioned rain. It's been really gloomy and dark all day, with that persistent kind of rain that looks like it could, if it chose, keep it up for days...

Food today :

Breakfast: overnight oats with Greek yoghurt & Apple & peach baby food + a pack of melon

Lunch: salad with feta cheese & defrosted soy beans

Dinner: tofu veg soup with added extra veg and a gf roll with LC

Snacks: blueberries, Greek yoghurt with 4 dried apricots, and an apple

Weight: 146.6 lbs

Stay Healthy

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I went to bed later than usual after visiting my dad yesterday and still woke about 3:30 am this morning :-( I did however train on the elliptical for 40 minutes before work, and I think it did as usual give me an energy boost that was much needed. I didn't have a proper walk at lunchtime due to working on an essay, and the gloomy grey day with intermittent rain didn't fill me with energy - though I was less depressed / frustrated than usual (even when trying to make a phone call and failing to get a signal - I'm in the middle of bloody Bristol for goodness sake, I should be choosing which really convenient tower to connect to, not trying to connect from apparently a mine shaft or something!
Food today :
Breakfast: waffle with Greek yoghurt & berries + post-training waffle with fromage frais & reduced sugar jam


Lunch: Salad with cold baked tofu and some melon chunks
Dinner: a Malaysian vegetable curry with cauliflower rice – yum! I made it overnight in the slow cooker using a jar of sauce and some coconut milk and it was very tasty indeed!


Snacks: fruit
Weight: 147.4 lbs. I have no words...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Late post for me!

After I posted last night I came over all energetic and didn't even have time to read any blogs! After dinner, blogging & prepping lunch for today I watched some TV while doing the odd plank, squatting while holding onto the furniture etc. and then did 2 yoga routines totalling about 50 minutes, having already done some cardio and then housework when I first got home. I don't know where the surge of motivation came from, especially as I'd been feeling bad about the chocolate cake I got yesterday lunchtime when I finished eating it... normally I would either have done nothing (except possibly eating more) or tried to burn it off with about 3hrs cardio, but I think the yoga was a better idea!
40 minutes on the elliptical this morning before breakfast. I know I keep talking about getting back on track while doing the opposite, but I felt more like I used to - less like I had to force myself into the gym, more like I was expecting to go because that's what I do in the mornings - which felt particularly good after all my activities yesterday evening, which might have been expected to leave me a bit tired. I think I slept a bit better last night - still waking a few times, but maybe sleeping more deeply in between those times and falling asleep again more easily.

On the plus side, whatever the reason, I had little interest in sweet stuff today. Luckily the waffles at breakfast are not very sweet & the berries were actively tart so there was no early sugar rush to start to day off on the wrong path!

I didn't walk at lunchtime because I had an essay to work on.
This evening I visited my Dad after work, gave them some baking I wanted to get out of my freezer and had a good chat.

Food today
Breakfast: 2 almond flour waffles (one as a post training snack) with defrosted berries, a little honey, a little almond butter & Greek yoghurt. I wanted to see if the larger breakfast helped me control my snacking later. Did it work? Read on to find out.... (oh, the excitement!)


Lunch: salad with baked tofu, sweetcorn, a little leftover chicken, and sweetfire beetroot

Dinner: Beef stew with veg & new potatoes followed by a small piece of raspberry meringue

Snacks: fruit

Weight: 147.1lbs AGAIN damnit!!! I know its my own fault but that doesn't mean its not really really annoying!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Late bloomer

Yesterday morning I had a depressing experience... M, who is very weight-lifting oriented when it comes to fitness, agreed to show me how to do some big compound lifts that I thought would be an efficient way to add weights to what passes for my exercise regime. I expected to be weak and girly in terms of the weight... I didn't expect to be so inflexible that I couldn't achieve a single squat without leaving my body exposed to the risk of injury. So I'm not doing squats or deadlifts, and I feel like Pinocchio's much older sister :-(. After that little failure I settled for looking up ways to improve my flexibility (any suggestions gratefully received) and hammering out 40 minutes on the elliptical (which went very well - frustration in apparently a great motivator for me) so is eating, so I did lots of nibbling on fruit after that too.
And there may have been some sulking. with a little booze, and not enough water. Because when you're depressed at a lack of fitness making yourself less fit is always sooo helpful...
Before the discovery that my body is the body of a 600 yr old mummy I did attempt some wobbly bench presses and dips, so to add injury to insult I'm actually aching a bit today across the chest, shoulders & upper back even though I did hardly anything.


Didn't train this morning... I did walk at lunchtime, but undid the good of that with a piece of chocolate cake. However I trained when I got home – 40 vigorous minutes on the elliptical walker.

Food Sunday:
Breakfast: almond flour pancakes from Elana Amsterdam's almond flour cookbook (except I added raisins & made them into waffles instead of pancakes) with LF Bacon and melon


Lunch: A big protein fruit smoothie


Dinner: Chicken roast dinner


Snacks: lots of fruit

Food today :
Breakfast: 1 almond flour waffle with Greek yoghurt, raspberries & melon chunks


Lunch: leafy salad with baked basil tofu & slice of chocolatey cake-type stuff

Dinner: Slow cooked chicken adobo over cauliflower rice. Not the prettiest meal I’ve ever taken a bad photo of, but very tasty!  It was a little overcooked because not only did I have to kick it off early before heading out to work, but I also left it on Keep warm setting while I trained. If it was good after all that, the recipe is a keeper (which is lucky because I stuck 4 chicken breasts in a baggie with the marinade and froze them after they’d sat in it for an hour. I only cooked one today, so the others are still in the freezer)


Snacks: punnet of cherries; yoghurt with mango puree

Weight: 147.1lbs – I earned it, sadly. When I mentioned watching a movie on Saturday I failed to mention the pistachios & cashew nuts I ate while watching it… And after I posted I also ate a slice of orange flourless cake & a chunk of gf banana bread. Grrr

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturdays are better than Fridays…

How is everybody today? I’m feeling a bit better myself, despite not managing to train or walk today.

We watched The Girl Who Played with Fire this afternoon – great movie! I think after seeing the last one I’ll have to read the books, but I want to wait until then because I actually quite like having to try to figure out what’s going on while I watch (despite being a person who, when reading a physical book rather than an e-book, almost always reads the end before the middle…)

Food today: Quite a lot!

Breakfast: Peanut flour pancakes with yoghurt and smooth peanut butter


Lunch: Tofu-vegetable soup with 2 gf rolls – one plain, one made into a hard-boiled egg sandwich


Dinner: Socca pizza topped with vegetables, baked tofu & goat’s cheese; served with salad


Snacks: Rice pudding, pistachios & cashews, and dried fruit


Weight: 145.1lbs

Friday, 12 August 2011

I'm a slow learner...

I trained this morning - 40mins ellipticizing and 4 pull ups! I seriously considered not bothering but talked myself around and once again was reminded that it does help my energy levels - why do I only remember that when I'm already training??? Like I said - slow learner!

It was day 1 of the Bristol Balloon Festival today. I was hoping for some interesting 'novelty' balloons but they were mostly standard shapes. Still something magical about seeing dozens of balloons floating silently over the river though...


Even with the above two positives to the start of the day, I still found myself feeling a bit down, pissy, snarly & edgy all morning. I don't know why, but at one point I found myself prowling through the canteen looking for something that would make me feel better, then finding a vending machine to continue the hunt... the weird/good thing was that for once I knew - body and brain - KNEW that nothing I saw there was going to make me feel better, so I didn't buy anything. The less good thing was that I didn't feel any better... at lunchtime I treated myself to a chocolate macaroon, which was absolutely wonderful! But didn't really take the edge of my mood. Of course you could argue that's a good thing - food is food, moods are moods, and its better not to treat one with the other, right?

Food today:
Breakfast: slow cooker rice pudding with defrosted summer berries & Greek yoghurt

Lunch: salad with sweetcorn, tofu and a gf roll with LC

Dinner: split pea & chorizo soup with a gf roll & a couple of gf crackers. And a small slice of absolutely not gf pizza stolen from my dearly beloved M… Winking smile


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & 2 plums

Weight: 145.5 lbs

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nearly the weekend…

I didn't feel up to a morning training session today either, possibly because I worked quite hard on my intervals yesterday and wasn't rested enough, even after an embarrassingly early night last night. I also nibbled a bit after training yesterday (I think that explains my weigh in) because I was so hungry that it seemed to take too long just prepping & cooking my stir fry. I think I would've been better off if I'd had a mid-afternoon snack to fuel the training, but I don't really trust myself to be sure of actually DOING the training to be comfortable with doing that... dilemmas... if I did trust myself more I'd actually choose to switch to evening training as I do feel stronger that way... ah well, two weeks tomorrow my contract ends and I'll be free to train whenever I want for a little while!

I didn't get a proper walk at lunchtime either, as after a morning of heavy rain & winds it just wasn't appealing. So today is a rest day by default...

Food today :
Breakfast: protein muffin topped with Greek yoghurt & defrosted black forest fruit + a plum

Lunch: ham & hard boiled egg sandwiched in gf bread with a little side salad from the work canteen

Dinner: M&S gf breaded chicken breast with salad


Snacks: protein water; Greek yoghurt with honey

Weight: 146 lbs :-(

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday working out

I didn't train this morning after being woken by my alarm and feeling a bit foggy. It seems like that always happens the day after I make plans to improve my consistency or intensity of training, doesn't it?
I did walk at lunchtime - over to Broadmead to see how it was surviving the riots. I couldn't really see any signs of problems except one broken window (which was no worse than you'd see in many cities after a normal Friday night). As usual it looks like the media made a mountain out of a molehill here - don't get me wrong though, after seeing the coverage of less fortunate cities, I'm NOT complaining!

While I was out I bought a juice - celery, cucumber and spinach with added spirulina. It tasted... healthy. Worthy. Definitely not naughty... And it was green. Very.

After work I made up for missing this morning's training session. I started out planning a 25 minute interval program on the stationary bike, but when I finished that I felt like following it with a 20 minute interval program on the elliptical as well – so pleased with myself!!!

Food today :
Breakfast: microwave protein muffin with Greek yoghurt & home-made applesauce + 1 protein flour pancake before I headed to work, just because…

Lunch: Salad with cold baked tofu & feta and a small piece of flapjack

Dinner: seafood with stir-fried veg


Snacks: Bounce spirulina & ginseng energy boost ball; punnet of blueberries; dried & fresh fruit

Weight: 145.5 lbs

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


25 minutes intervals on the elliptical this morning followed by 5 pull ups (they make me feel so strong! Apart from being able to do only 5, that is!) and a walk at lunch time. I know I’m doing less right now than I was, but I’m doing something and that is the most important thing I think. By only doing 25 minutes first thing I have time to grab a coffee before I start, which gives me a much needed energy boost at that time of the morning. My ideal would be getting up at a similar time, breakfasting and then training around 9 am, but work prevents that, so what can I do? Speaking of work, we were all ordered to leave the office by 5pm today in case of more rioting in Bristol. The last lot didn’t go anywhere near the office, so I think they’re over-reacting myself, but as I always leave at 4pm it made no difference to me!

Food today
Breakfast: protein muffin with homemade applesauce & Greek yoghurt

Lunch: salad with bbq tuna & feta cheese

Dinner: beef mince & pea madras with brown rice & salad, followed by the leftover rice pudding from last night. I’m going to make some more to have for breakfast for a change… but first, does anyone know if you can freeze rice pudding? If not I need to halve the quantities


Snacks: wasabi peas & dried fruit

Weight: don't know as I couldn't get to the scales this morning

Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello again

Before I start off boring for Britain I want to say thanks to deisegirl, Roxie, Jessica & Keri for your support yesterday... you were all much nicer to me than I was being and you gave me some much needed perspective!

Despite my silence most of the weekend I didn't actually binge my way through the whole thing. I did stop photographing my food religiously so I can't show you some the damage, but as far as I can recall I will fill you in... I barely slept all weekend and had a low grade headache all day yesterday as a result. It has occurred to me that maybe I struggle to sleep more when I eat crap, so I'll be trying to track my sleep and food in combination to see if there is any correlation there...
Saturday I had virtually no energy in the morning. I drove to the supermarket first thing, then sat around reading Kelley Armstrong books on my kindle for the rest of the morning while using the grey weather as an excuse not to go out. After lunch forced myself to walk into town (and it did feel like harder work than usual as a result of no enthusiasm) and coming home again, after a dry day to that point, got caught in a torrential downpour half way across the fields. That actually improved my mood for some reason (not masochism / feeling like I deserved to get drenched, but more positive humour based on the sods law of it raining just them when I spent the (dry) morning using the possibility of rain to excuse not walking...
Yesterday my brother visited us. Due to the very changeable weather again we didn't go for a walk - I treated it as a rest day - but we all went out for an Indian meal instead and I had a wonderful time chatting to 2 of my favourite men, relaxing and enjoying the food more than I have enjoyed anything I've eaten lately.

This morning I once again didn't feel much like training but instead of either not bothering at all or forcing myself to slightly rebelliously through a 40 minute program I settled for a more intense but much shorter program and felt.much better for it. Then at lunchtime I walked to Broadmead to shop at m&s and bought some new sweat-wicking training tops. Now I have to train more consistently to justify the expense! ;-) It was quite.nice while I was out, not too hot for a change, and also for a kindly waited until I was back in the office before starting to rain again...

Food round up:
Breakfast: poached egg on gf toast followed by fruit & half s seeded bar from Asda


Lunch: was supposed to be veg-tofu soup but I guess I over-heated it or something so it was bloody horrible! After 2 mouthfuls I tossed it and defrosted some left over soy mince chilli, added extra water to soup-ify it a bit, and had that instead, followed by gf brioche with reduced sugar strawberry jam

Dinner: roasted vegetables, 4 big roasted prawns, salad & feta cheese


Snacks: Dried and fresh fruit

Breakfast: should have been almond flour pancakes from Elena Amsterdam's almond flour cookbook but I accidentally subbed peanut flour in there... they were still good but the vanilla was a little overpowering (definitely not enough to stop me eating the rest of the batch ;-) ) with Greek yoghurt and a little syrup

Lunch: aloo chat
Lamb Captain Pathila with boiled rice
Pineapple ice-cream

Dinner: are you kidding me??? I was still stuffed with wonderful Indian food at bedtime, so dinner wasn't happening!!!
Snacks: half a pumpkin 9 bar

Food today :

Breakfast: 1 protein muffin subbing peach & mango LF yoghurt for the pumpkin puree, with Greek yoghurt & fruit to compensate for the lack of fruit / veg in the muffin

Lunch: leafy salad with bbq tuna

Dinner: mum & her oh visited me today & we went to Wetherspoons for dinner, where I had rump steak, baked potato and salad (excuse the photo taken by flash – it was dark in there!)


And for supper… home-made slow-cooker rice pudding with strawberry jam!!! It was mum’s OH’s birthday today and rice pudding is his favourite pudding…


Snacks: Fresh & dried fruit

Weight: 145.4lbs

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Why is this so hard right now?

I feel a bit like I’ve travelled back in time – to just before I started this blog, when I was regularly bingeing. The size of my binges is less now than it was then, but the feeling out of control and worthless is no less because of that.

I didn’t post on Friday because I couldn’t bring myself to write about another binge. I didn’t pot yesterday because although I did better on the diet front I was still feeling a bit crappy and because I’m losing the ability to believe that a binge can be considered a one off past thing that I can move on from. Its a bit pathetic really, as I know I’ve done it before and if anything the struggle now is demonstrating that I’m still the same person I was then, when I managed to stop it if not apparently to work through it. Maybe I’m just getting old, but it feels harder now… or maybe it isn’t harder and I’m just removed enough from that time to not remember it clearly.


Anyway, I’m not giving up on things now. Even though a lot of the time I want to.




Weight 145.1lb

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday slump

I didn’t have the motivation to train this morning, so I didn’t…. and then it was raining at lunchtime so I didn’t walk then either.

However, I did train after work, and worked really quite hard too – just on the elliptical, but I really wasn’t dialling it in the way I might have this morning if I’d pushed myself, I guess that wasn’t a bad thing. I do feel I train better after work – except that even these days I train more consistently and behave slightly more healthily during the day if I train in the morning – and that wins with me!

Food today :
Breakfast: protein muffins topped with Greek yoghurt & honey, followed by 1 slice bacon, some breakfast potatoes and an overcooked fried egg (whoops)


Lunch: salad with bbq'd tuna and fruit salad to follow

Dinner:  Prawn stir fry


Snacks: More Greek yoghurt & honey & some chocolate covered raisins and peanuts (for energy to train Winking smile)
Weight: 145.4lbs

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I didn't sleep too badly last night, waking up only twice and managing to fall asleep again. I'm still struggling to feel very motivated in the mornings but I'm trying to build up some training momentum so I got on the elliptical anyway - and followed it with 3 pull ups (yep, trying to start doing them again) on top of 3 last night as well. I was quite pleased to manage 3 given that I haven't done any for ages...
At lunchtime I slipped back into my comfort zone with a walk into Bedminster to leave some recycling and pick up some groceries. It takes about 18 - 20 minutes each way and was baking hot so while I was there I bought some wet wipes and more deodorant to make myself more socially acceptable in the office...  I think it worked, but maybe my colleagues were just too polite to comment Winking smile
Food today :
Breakfast: 2 microwave protein muffins (one chocolate, one ginger)


Lunch: Salad with cold roast salmon followed by fresh fruit salad
Dinner: Slow cooker ginger beef with garlic (too much pepper Crying face) and stir fry


Snacks: Nak'd cocoa Orange bar and a handful of Brazil nuts
Weight: 146 lbs

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Arrgh food hangover

Elliptical first thing, I barely had my eyes open when I climbed on Winking smile
I lasted the intended 40 minutes but suffered through it rather than enjoying it and felt a bit dodgy afterwards... serves me right I guess! One good thing - despite the food hangover, which always leads me wanting to eat more the day after a binge, today’s food cravings were all for healthier food!
I walked at lunchtime again, it was overcast and really humid to start with, then the sun came out and it was baking hot, making a fairly standard walk feel like a lot more effort than it was necessarily worth. About all I can really say about it is: I donated more books to charity; I got some fresh air and woke up a little bit; and I bought some prune juice for my on-going issue ;-)

Food today
Breakfast: overnight oats with berries & Greek yoghurt

Lunch: salad with basil tofu

Dinner: Bolognese sauce on chickpea spaghetti with salad


Snacks: satsuma; Greek yoghurt with honey
Weight: after yesterday's binge and the reason for said binge, like hell was I getting on the scales today ;-)

Monday’s very late blog post

Today I didn't train before work - too tired again after not much sleep at the weekend plus its about to be that TOM again so I'm retaining water like a sponge, constipated & hungry all the time with an annoying lower back ache to boot :-(
Long story short, small (hah!) binge at lunchtime but given the above I'm not despairing as I usually do...
ETA I meant to train after work but mid-afternoon I heard someone might be viewing our house Tuesday so I had to spend the evening on housework (and bingeing some more) and then having an early night to avoid more food...

Food round up:
Breakfast: buckwheat & brown rice flakes with soy milk & berries


Lunch: weight watchers baked beans on gf toast


Dinner: Fake Nandos with grilled chilli halloumi & portobello mushroom burger in gf roll, oven wedges & salad


Breakfast: brioche with goats cheese & strawberry jam


Lunch: vegetable tofu soup with a slice of (bought) gf bread


Dinner: casserole of braising beef & onion in red wine cooked in the slow cooker, with new potatoes and steamed vegetables


Snacks: half a pumpkin 9 bar, a ton of dried Apple to try (unsuccessfully) to shift the constipation and a slice of gf flourless Orange cake from the freezer
Food today :
Breakfast: chia seed whey pudding topped with berries & yoghurt and a ton of melon & other fresh fruit
Lunch: leafy salad with basil tofu
Dinner: ready meal central... Waitrose aloo gobi and lentil & spinach dahl followed by an individual raspberry panna cotta



Snacks: granola bake from work canteen - oats, dried cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds; chocolate, ice-cream and several forms of fried potatoes

Weight: 146.1lbs