Thursday, 7 July 2011


So, Monday & Tuesday nights I took a Nytol before bed and slept better - so much better I decided not to take one last night because I don't want to depend on it or give it a chance to stop working. At the time I did think maybe I should wait till the weekend in case I couldn't sleep but did I listen? Of course not... so I'm sure you won't be surprised that I had a crap night because although I got to sleep I woke up way too early and by then it was too late to take the Nytol, so I just kept awake, then dozed, then woke up again...
I actually feel quite light today but sadly I think that's light-headed not light bodied (I don't know that for sure as I still didn't want to risk weighing this morning, maybe tomorrow if I manage to avoid a sleepless night binge today)
At lunchtime I managed a walk before the rain hit and that (or the lemon, ginger, lime drink I guzzled) gave me a slight energy boost for the afternoon. I was inhaling caffeine all morning just to stay awake, so it was a welcome boost.

Does anyone have any suggestions for energy boosts that don't involve caffeine? Something that won't leave me awake all night again after one bad night?

Food today :

Breakfast: for a change I made an egg, bacon & tomato sandwich with flaxseed focaccia


Lunch: big salad (including left over broccoli salad from last night and roast chickpeas)

Dinner: cabbage tagliatelle with roast red pepper & artichoke hearts


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with a pot of Organix Apple & peach puree (yep, baby food...);


pot of Alpro vanilla soy pudding



    Their are some good tips on here to help you keep your energy levels up

  2. I recently bought a box of B12 "instant energy" sachets from iherb....I don't "think" there's caffeine in them...I can't say if they give me a massive boost because I still use so much caffeine!!

  3. hmm great stuff over are right deisegal B12 sachets have no caffiene in them.

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