Sunday, 24 July 2011


I had a quiet Saturday yesterday, just a quick walk to town and then lots of TV watching. The walk wasn’t a great deal of fun – it was a lovely sunny morning but because of rain overnight and for the last few days everywhere was soaking wet. I have 3 routes into town – one, which I don’t use these days, is along a busyish but marrow road with no pavement or verge for a large part of the route, which doesn’t feel safe due to the speed at which drivers race along the road. The second is along the embankment of a disused train track – very much safer, but hugely overgrown with weeds and nettles. The third is over the fields, but as the fields are part of the Gwent wetlands (very high water table under not much heavy clay soil) wet weather makes it first very boggy, then actually flooded. Yesterday I went out along the embankment, and by the time I emerged from the really overgrown stretch I was spattered with water literally from chest to ankle, with a soggy 3 or 4 inches of jeans at the ankle. Coming back I used the fields route, but it was slippery and sticky that I had trouble staying upright a few times and brought back a fair bit of the wetlands on my walking boots. I feel like I might have to go back to the road route soon if I want to keep walking into town, and I don’t like that idea much. Its not just more dangerous, its also noisier, smellier, less attractive and less interesting (not that the other walks are actively interesting after walking then roughly 17,000,000 times!)


Later afternoon I gave into the desire to bake some gf scones based on this recipe. I made a few changes – replaced butter with Stork margarine, didn’t have enough of that so replaced some of the fat with apple & strawberry (baby food!) puree and replaced the chocolate chips with fresh blueberries. I was too impatient to chill the batter and make wedges so I made them into drop scones – but as you can see they spread hugely and ended up looking like cookies (though they are definitely cake-y not biscuity). They are delicious, but I would chill the batter next time and possibly use frozen blueberries to speed that up a bit!


Food today:

Breakfast: Alara gf muesli with semi-skim milk & lots of fresh berries


Lunch: Salad with grilled vegetables, marinated feta cheese and a hard boiled egg.


Dinner: ‘Fake Nando’s’ – small amount of oven potato wedges with a gf roll filled with grilled portobello & halloumi, served with a salad. M described my burger as looking like something out of Alice in Wonderland – I like that!!!


Snacks: A gingerbread Nak’d bar, dried fruit and melon. And a blueberry ‘scone’

Weight Saturday: 144.4lbs

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