Sunday, 10 July 2011

Saturday showers

I call them showers, but as I drove to Tesco this morning I drove through a vertical river all the way – absolutely torrential. It cleared up while I was shopping, and became sunny for a while (wasted on me as I was stuck indoors doing housework). Then I went for a walk, but it had become more overcast and humid by then, with the odd spot of quite refreshing rain.

Before I forget, thanks for commenting earlier Jessica and Deisegirl.

Jessica, I know what you mean about not commenting when things you read hit a nerve, I’m the same – I also often don’t comment if someone sounds in need of real help because I can’t think of anything more profound than ‘there, there…’ but after reading your comment I’m thinking of rethinking that attitude, because actually your comment made me feel a little bit less lonely in my ‘issues’ and that gave me quite a boost. In answer to your question about the Protein Water I keep mentioning, its not Skinny Water (I have tried one of the range and thought it was horrible – not to mention really expensive – I only bought it because it was discounted heavily – so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. The protein water is literally a drink of water supplemented with whey protein (about 40 g for 174 cals) and I buy it from a couple of sites that sell supplements to people interested in fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding etc. – Myprotein and Superfit. None of them taste so nice you’d pick them over other drinks for flavour but I find them more convenient than whey powder if I’m out and about, and they give my protein intake a hefty boost on days when I’m struggling to get it up where I want it. Of course they’re also as far from ‘real food’ as you can get but that’s a compromise I’m sometimes willing to make for the convenience.

I think I may just let the caffeine have its evil way with me for a while longer by the way. I’ve tried guarana and ginseng, rooibos tea and so on but none of them work as well as good old-fashioned caffeine. And I’ve replaced my duvet with a thin sheet in hopes that will allow me to get through the hot nights more comfortably!

Food today:

Breakfast: Massive smoothie of frozen forest fruits, banana, romaine lettuce, cookies & cream whey, milled linseeds and a little ground almonds for some healthy fats. Sadly that just put me in the mood for a very little foray into the crunchy peanut butter tub in my cupboard – something I wouldn’t risk buying if M didn’t like it so much, but definitely a bit of a trigger for me


Lunch: A bowl of chicken vegetable soup to which I added some silken tofu for no particular reason, with a piece of flaxseed bread spread with Quark and a tomato


Dinner: Camel rib eye (from Australia) with salad & squash chips


Snacks: Snack packs of dates and dried pineapple with a little Greek yoghurt and peanut butter.

Weight: 144.25lbs


  1. Thanks for answering my question about the water :)

    If you feel like commenting, go for it, but don't feel any obligation to. I personally find it a lot easier to comment on posts that don't always resonate with me so much, because responding that a green smoothie looks yummy or whatever is a lot easier than trying to help someone through some really difficult psychological problems. I'm always scared of saying something stupid (as I have a tendency to do...) and making the other person feel worse. I also wish that I could help, where as as you say there's not much anyone can do so you end up feeling so powerless. I honestly don't think anyone can understand the pain of binge eating or even overeating in relation to depression and anxiety unless they've been mired in that darkness themselves, but there's no one solution for everyone and often if someone has come out 'the other side' then preaching their approach can sound like sermonizing.

    And now I'll stop rambling on in your comments section.

    Hope today has been a good one.


  2. Forgive my ignorance but when you say camel rib from Australia are talking about a camels rib or is that a brand name?