Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Now I'm really back.... I hope

Finally beginning to feel more in control again now...
I trained this morning, just the usual. For the first time in living memory I'm starting to get bored with the elliptical so maybe I'll be able to persuade myself to shake it up a bit at last!
No lunchtime walk due to yucky weather, but I didn't let that send me off the rails for a change! I popped very quickly to a local Tesco Express for some groceries and wasn't even tempted by any of the garbage that was so irresistible just yesterday. I have been hungry a lot today, especially this morning when I was bored as well, but managed to resist the urge to buy any extra snacks or alternative lunch items for a change and that is making me feel a lot more positive than yesterday and Monday.

Food today :

Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, strawberries, raisins and raspberries, served with soy milk, Greek yoghurt and whey

Lunch: Salad with basil tofu, marinated feta cheese and roasted Butternut squash

Dinner: vegetable - tofu soup with flaxseed bread

Snacks: none

Weight: too scared to find out...:-)

Stay Healthy

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  1. Lol! As I'm reading this I'm eating a bowl of natural Quaker Oats with strawberries, banana & blueberries!! Great minds think alike!