Thursday, 21 July 2011

Nearly Friday…

Since we last spoke something weird happened... I did yoga, breathing exercises, and even some meditation-y stuff! Twice! And yoga instead of cardio this morning at that! I find it less satisfying because of the less sweat & tiredness, so I don't know how often I'll do it, but I'm pleased I made a change today and last night.
I did get a fairly energetic walk at lunchtime though, carrying another heavy rucksack of books to donate to Oxfam then doing a little grocery shopping. It was graduation day at Bristol university today, and as my office is close to the main campus I saw a much more colourful city this lunchtime, the streets being full of grads in their robes and proud parents in suits, nice dresses and the odd posh hat - nice to see!

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats with berries, raisins, Greek yoghurt, whey & soy milk

Lunch: a repeat of yesterdays salad

Dinner: turkey gumbo stuffed courgette with salad


Snacks: melon selection; chocolate Florentine

Weight: Still hiding from the truth - I'll face the music soon though!

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