Friday, 29 July 2011

It’s the weekend!

I slept last night - without Nytol!!! And as I suspected yesterday, woke up much less knackered than the rest of the week.... though I admit I still didn't train this morning, as I just wasn't feeling motivated. Having said that, on Friday's I leave work an hour earlier and have the option of training post-work instead. I also didn't walk at lunchtime because it was threatening to rain... except of course it didn't... so I did my training on the elliptical after work instead, and training after work was great – I had so much energy compared to normal, and the sweat was running off me by the end!

Food today:
Breakfast: chia seed protein pudding - chia, cookies & cream whey, and soy milk - topped with mixed berries

Lunch: salad with a tin of crab meat


Dinner: tuna (cooked at the bbq a couple of weeks ago) with salad & new potatoes


Snacks: half a pumpkin 9 bar (I cut them in half the day I buy them & stick them in the freezer); fresh fruit salad

Weight: 144.5 lbs

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