Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday blog

Bad night’s sleep, no morning training and no walk due to rain. Pouring rain. Day-long struggle with the desire to pig out while bored rigid at work all day. Argh

Luckily I could find the energy to train on the elliptical after work, and that got rid of the last of the restlessness and frustration of the (working) day. Then I spent the evening listening to music with my M. And sneaking off to the kitchen for some very dodgy 80’s style dancing when the song was right Winking smile

Food today:
Breakfast: another flaxseed focaccia egg & bacon sandwich (no tomato because yesterday's was a little soggy)

Lunch: left over zucchini pasta with tomatoes & basil cream, to which I added soya beans, jalapeno slices and other salad veggies; accompanied by a bottle of protein water

Dinner: tofu with a curry-flavoured cauliflower rice stir fry (tofu marinated in a bottled Indian Spiced marinade and baked)


Snacks: Alpro soya pudding; small snack pack of apricots while cooking dinner

Weight: 145.1lbs


  1. I'm always curious when you post protein water as a drink: is it the Skinny Water you have? If so, would you mind giving your opinion on it in terms of taste and whether it lives up to its claims, because it always intrigues me when I see it.

    Sorry I don't comment much: I think the problem is I relate to your struggles so much and a lot of it is a bit too close to the bone for me. But I am wishing you all the best and reading often.


  2. I think the heaviness in the air is causing a lot of restlessness (well it is with me anyway). I don't get enough sleep as it is but I definitely struggle with sleeping in this weather.

  3. Yes, bad weather shouldn't prevent us from getting fit right? dancing is a good exercises, this is also what I do usually when I can't go out and jog.

  4. Yes, exercising should be fun, so you won't have any excuses to do it regularly, bad weather or not.

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