Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And she's back!

Was there a weekend in there somewhere? It doesn't feel like it even though I remember taking Friday off to prep for the family bbq I was planning on Saturday... so, since we last met I've overeaten quite a lot, most of it fairly healthy apart from its calorific levels. I haven't been very active in a trackable way (a walk on Friday and an elliptical session Saturday) but have run around like a mad thing cleaning, baking, getting food and drink then cleaning again... and hardly slept at all. It was a really good weekend, but very labour intensive due to my over ambitious catering plans, and I could now do with a week off to recover!

Food Thursday:





Saturday: didn't photograph lunch or dinner but the bbq consisted of kobe beef burgers, gf sausages, Skewered turkey in jack Daniel's bbq sauce, Skewered lamb, Skewered rump steak, and fresh tuna with a little salad.
Dinner was a buffet but I hardly touched it because most of what I'd bought contained gluten (though I did have some flourless Orange cake)


so I didn't bother taking note.
Breakfast: left over sausage, stuffed date
Lunch: gf chocolate cherry roulade; mango coconut tart; pistachios



Dinner: shrimp, ham & bbq tuna fried rice followed by gf chocolate cherry roulade; mango coconut tart


Today I didn't train before work due to the weekend's excesses catching up with me. I actually left work at lunchtime, came home, fell into bed & slept till this morning apart from a 10 min break to throw together a stir fry pack and some leftovers
Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries and strawberries served with soy milk

Lunch: courgette & creme fraiche soup bought at work followed by roulade

Dinner: shrimp and ham stir fry followed by the last piece of roulade



Snacks: watermelon, fruit salad with Greek yoghurt
Weight: 145lbs
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  1. Oh my, that roulade looks amazing. I definitely wouldn't have managed to make it last that long.

    I think you do a great job of balancing desserts with lighter stuff: most of your meals are protein/veggie based anyway so I'm sure you've got some room for some treats too :)

    Thanks for the support too by the way - it meant a lot!


  2. Oh it's a horrible feeling when you get to the end of the weekend and need time off to recover! Sounds like it was worth it though :)

  3. The Shrimp and ham stirfry looks wonderful. I'll have to try it. Thank you