Friday, 29 July 2011

It’s the weekend!

I slept last night - without Nytol!!! And as I suspected yesterday, woke up much less knackered than the rest of the week.... though I admit I still didn't train this morning, as I just wasn't feeling motivated. Having said that, on Friday's I leave work an hour earlier and have the option of training post-work instead. I also didn't walk at lunchtime because it was threatening to rain... except of course it didn't... so I did my training on the elliptical after work instead, and training after work was great – I had so much energy compared to normal, and the sweat was running off me by the end!

Food today:
Breakfast: chia seed protein pudding - chia, cookies & cream whey, and soy milk - topped with mixed berries

Lunch: salad with a tin of crab meat


Dinner: tuna (cooked at the bbq a couple of weeks ago) with salad & new potatoes


Snacks: half a pumpkin 9 bar (I cut them in half the day I buy them & stick them in the freezer); fresh fruit salad

Weight: 144.5 lbs

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ooops over-eating…

I've always been a morning person, and in the summer with it getting light so early I generally find getting up even easier... except just now, every morning, I'm really struggling. I suppose it could be because I'm still having to take Nytol to help me sleep and maybe it doesn't wear off by the time I get up... either way, I'm still having to drag myself out of bed with less energy than a brick. This is not a lead up to moaning about not training this morning, I actually had been on the elliptical for 10 minutes before my eyes opened all the way but I did crawl on and last 40 minutes nonetheless...
When you look below you might assume that I binged today... I don't think it was a binge - I definitely overate, but while it was comfort eating because I was so bored and so tired (and so tired of being tired all.the.damn.time.) but I didn't eat till I felt sick or painfully bloated and it did in fact cheer me up for a while, so I'm calling it comfort eating.
Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats with berries, Goji berries, fat free fromage frais, whey & soy milk
Lunch: tuna nicoise with added tofu & a bag of baked crisps... followed by a gf cupcake...
Dinner: All I wanted for dinner was a fruit (and whey) smoothie…


Snacks: watermelon slices; bag of Randoms; bag of M & Ms

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I was woken by my alarm this morning - you know how I love that... I was quite literally still trying to force my eyes open when I got onto the elliptical... instead of watching the TV while I trained I carried on with the Game of Thrones series... still loving it!

At lunchtime I went for a walk complete with heavy rucksack. It was glorious sunshine and the town seemed a happy place... I guess I was just feeling cheerful! It's weird, I was really hungry all morning and managed (just about) not to go nuts, but at the same time, despite being bored, felt relatively good - I'm not used to that!

Food today :

Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, strawberries, raisins and raspberries, served with soy milk and whey

Lunch: Salad with tofu and hard boiled egg followed by a gf chocolate orange brownie

Dinner: Roasted red pepper stuffed with the last buckwheat / feta salad with a leafy salad

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey; dried fruit

Stay Healthy

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Elliptical first thing, I barely had my eyes open when I climbed on ;-)
I didn't manage to walk at lunchtime though even though the weather was beautiful... the problem was that I'm hooked on George R R Martin's Game of Thrones books, and I wanted to finish the 3rd book more than I wanted to go out for a walk...

Mum & her OH came to visit me this evening. We went into Caldicot to a little pub for dinner and a little bit of a post-prandial walk in the castle park.  Lovely meal & a lovely walk! (Heron in the far distance there)


Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats with fruit

Lunch: salad with hardboiled egg, buckwheat salad & mixed leaves

Dinner: Rump steak with chips and veg plus salad


Followed by a little coconut Ben & Jerrys in the evening

Snacks: Half of a pumpkin flavoured 9 bar as post-training snack; an apple and some grapes

Weight: 146 lbs

Monday, 25 July 2011


Sunday was a lazy day - I didn't train or walk, or even drive to the shop. The furthest I got outside the house was when I watered my tomato plants, and the most energetic I got was a bit of housework. It was lovely after the busy chaos of last weekend!
Today I didn't train before work - too tired again. I did walk at lunchtime though, with a heavy rucksack both ways, through glorious sunshine to Bedminster.

Food round up:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries & whey


Lunch: salad (leafy) with an improvised salad of buckwheat cooked in vegetable stock then mixed with marinated feta (plus some of the oil to make a dressing), cherry tomatoes, red onion, petits pois & sweetcorn. I made enough for multiple meals so you'll be seeing this popping up for lunch till its all gone or I'm bored with it.


Dinner: Sunday roast dinner with a kid goat roasting joint (fantastic - kind of like a less fatty lamb) cooked in the slow cooker followed by some Cointreau & orange ice-cream



Snacks: throughout the day I had 3 of my gf blueberry 'scones'

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, Goji berries, raspberries and strawberries served with soy milk, Greek yoghurt, and a third of a blueberry scone crumbled on top

Lunch: leafy & buckwheat salad with baked tofu

Dinner: pasta sauce made of smoked salmon, fromage frais, leek, mushrooms, peppers and dill & parsley served on courgette pasta


Snacks: the rest of the scone and a fruit smoothie; a bag of cassava crisps and a punnet of cherries

Weight: 143.5lbs

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I had a quiet Saturday yesterday, just a quick walk to town and then lots of TV watching. The walk wasn’t a great deal of fun – it was a lovely sunny morning but because of rain overnight and for the last few days everywhere was soaking wet. I have 3 routes into town – one, which I don’t use these days, is along a busyish but marrow road with no pavement or verge for a large part of the route, which doesn’t feel safe due to the speed at which drivers race along the road. The second is along the embankment of a disused train track – very much safer, but hugely overgrown with weeds and nettles. The third is over the fields, but as the fields are part of the Gwent wetlands (very high water table under not much heavy clay soil) wet weather makes it first very boggy, then actually flooded. Yesterday I went out along the embankment, and by the time I emerged from the really overgrown stretch I was spattered with water literally from chest to ankle, with a soggy 3 or 4 inches of jeans at the ankle. Coming back I used the fields route, but it was slippery and sticky that I had trouble staying upright a few times and brought back a fair bit of the wetlands on my walking boots. I feel like I might have to go back to the road route soon if I want to keep walking into town, and I don’t like that idea much. Its not just more dangerous, its also noisier, smellier, less attractive and less interesting (not that the other walks are actively interesting after walking then roughly 17,000,000 times!)


Later afternoon I gave into the desire to bake some gf scones based on this recipe. I made a few changes – replaced butter with Stork margarine, didn’t have enough of that so replaced some of the fat with apple & strawberry (baby food!) puree and replaced the chocolate chips with fresh blueberries. I was too impatient to chill the batter and make wedges so I made them into drop scones – but as you can see they spread hugely and ended up looking like cookies (though they are definitely cake-y not biscuity). They are delicious, but I would chill the batter next time and possibly use frozen blueberries to speed that up a bit!


Food today:

Breakfast: Alara gf muesli with semi-skim milk & lots of fresh berries


Lunch: Salad with grilled vegetables, marinated feta cheese and a hard boiled egg.


Dinner: ‘Fake Nando’s’ – small amount of oven potato wedges with a gf roll filled with grilled portobello & halloumi, served with a salad. M described my burger as looking like something out of Alice in Wonderland – I like that!!!


Snacks: A gingerbread Nak’d bar, dried fruit and melon. And a blueberry ‘scone’

Weight Saturday: 144.4lbs

Friday, 22 July 2011


No morning training due to aching arms, thighs and neck from yesterday's yoga practice. I tried to go for a walk at lunchtime but it was actually cold (I had a skirt on with bare legs) and trying to rain so that didn't last very long at all.

Food today:
Breakfast: gf rolls with LF Bacon & a hard boiled egg


Lunch: ham salad & leek & chicken soup followed by a chocolate Alpro soy pudding

Dinner: Red pepper stuffed with rice cooked in vegetable stock with onion, garlic, mushroom & tomatoes and a salad


Snacks: Alpro soya yoghurt with fruit
Weight: 145.4lbs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Nearly Friday…

Since we last spoke something weird happened... I did yoga, breathing exercises, and even some meditation-y stuff! Twice! And yoga instead of cardio this morning at that! I find it less satisfying because of the less sweat & tiredness, so I don't know how often I'll do it, but I'm pleased I made a change today and last night.
I did get a fairly energetic walk at lunchtime though, carrying another heavy rucksack of books to donate to Oxfam then doing a little grocery shopping. It was graduation day at Bristol university today, and as my office is close to the main campus I saw a much more colourful city this lunchtime, the streets being full of grads in their robes and proud parents in suits, nice dresses and the odd posh hat - nice to see!

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats with berries, raisins, Greek yoghurt, whey & soy milk

Lunch: a repeat of yesterdays salad

Dinner: turkey gumbo stuffed courgette with salad


Snacks: melon selection; chocolate Florentine

Weight: Still hiding from the truth - I'll face the music soon though!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Now I'm really back.... I hope

Finally beginning to feel more in control again now...
I trained this morning, just the usual. For the first time in living memory I'm starting to get bored with the elliptical so maybe I'll be able to persuade myself to shake it up a bit at last!
No lunchtime walk due to yucky weather, but I didn't let that send me off the rails for a change! I popped very quickly to a local Tesco Express for some groceries and wasn't even tempted by any of the garbage that was so irresistible just yesterday. I have been hungry a lot today, especially this morning when I was bored as well, but managed to resist the urge to buy any extra snacks or alternative lunch items for a change and that is making me feel a lot more positive than yesterday and Monday.

Food today :

Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, strawberries, raisins and raspberries, served with soy milk, Greek yoghurt and whey

Lunch: Salad with basil tofu, marinated feta cheese and roasted Butternut squash

Dinner: vegetable - tofu soup with flaxseed bread

Snacks: none

Weight: too scared to find out...:-)

Stay Healthy


Yesterday turned into a monster binge-fest. Pretty sure its because even after my 12 hours sleep Monday night I was still tired – and bored out of my skull at work – so I was chasing a sugar high energy boost all afternoon and most of the evening. At least a lot of it was dried fruit so loads of fibre and vitamins (she tells herself)

Feeling a little more myself today, fingers crossed it lasts (making no guarantees though – another boring work day looms ahead…….)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And she's back!

Was there a weekend in there somewhere? It doesn't feel like it even though I remember taking Friday off to prep for the family bbq I was planning on Saturday... so, since we last met I've overeaten quite a lot, most of it fairly healthy apart from its calorific levels. I haven't been very active in a trackable way (a walk on Friday and an elliptical session Saturday) but have run around like a mad thing cleaning, baking, getting food and drink then cleaning again... and hardly slept at all. It was a really good weekend, but very labour intensive due to my over ambitious catering plans, and I could now do with a week off to recover!

Food Thursday:





Saturday: didn't photograph lunch or dinner but the bbq consisted of kobe beef burgers, gf sausages, Skewered turkey in jack Daniel's bbq sauce, Skewered lamb, Skewered rump steak, and fresh tuna with a little salad.
Dinner was a buffet but I hardly touched it because most of what I'd bought contained gluten (though I did have some flourless Orange cake)


so I didn't bother taking note.
Breakfast: left over sausage, stuffed date
Lunch: gf chocolate cherry roulade; mango coconut tart; pistachios



Dinner: shrimp, ham & bbq tuna fried rice followed by gf chocolate cherry roulade; mango coconut tart


Today I didn't train before work due to the weekend's excesses catching up with me. I actually left work at lunchtime, came home, fell into bed & slept till this morning apart from a 10 min break to throw together a stir fry pack and some leftovers
Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries and strawberries served with soy milk

Lunch: courgette & creme fraiche soup bought at work followed by roulade

Dinner: shrimp and ham stir fry followed by the last piece of roulade



Snacks: watermelon, fruit salad with Greek yoghurt
Weight: 145lbs
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I didn't train this morning as I slept less well and was tired when my alarm woke me. I think I will be happy to train every other day this week and then hopefully get back to normal next week.
At lunchtime I went for a walk / shopping expedition to Broadmead & the farmers market.
As you will see below, I bought a treat at the farmers market. I don't feel guilty as it was lovely, light, and didn't trigger any bingeing behaviour but I realise I've been leaning heavily on the sweet stuff lately & to be honest I (with my brain, if not my appetite) prefer to spend my calories more nutritionally than that - so I think its time to cut back on that sort of thing. After the weekend, because I'm having a family barbecue (in the rain according to current forecasts) on Saturday & have some baking planned!

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, strawberries, Goji berries and raspberries, served with soy milk and whey, plus some gf brioche with LC and reduced sugar marmalade


Lunch: Salad with smoked tofu, lightly steamed green beans & broccoli & mixed sweet bell peppers + a wonderful gf chocolate cupcake from the farmers market (I kid you not – the best cupcake I ever had, gf or not!)


Dinner: quorn chicken & smoked tofu stir fry


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & dried fruit
Weight: 144.25lbs

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I woke up only ten minutes before my alarm was due to go off - go me! Even so I was quite tired, and although I managed to force myself on
to the elliptical it was very hard going - so hard I had to turn the resistance down 15 minutes in!
At lunchtime I went for a walk and exchanged a skirt I bought last week for one that fit and left me able to breathe, walk & sit down - all things I find quite useful on occasion! On the way back to work I got whistled at but I swear that's not why I'm feeling more positive today ;-)

Food today :

Breakfast: gf overnight oats with mango, Goji berries and pineapple plus cookies & cream whey, served with soy milk.

Lunch: salad with reggae reggae tofu and an Alpro soya pudding

Dinner: turkey gumbo & salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries & some dry fruit

Weight: 144.5lbs

Monday, 11 July 2011

Catch up on an active Sunday

I wanted to train as soon as I got up Sunday, but wasn't motivated enough when it came to it. Of course one of the best things about weekends is being able to be flexible, and I took advantage of that by hopping onto the elliptical at about 10am, by which time I was motivated to increase the resistance for my intervals program and push myself in terms of the speed as well.
Once I finished that (very red & sweaty) I jumped straight into the shower, dressed & headed out to walk into town. That might have been more enjoyable if I'd paused long enough for a snack - I wasn't quite as brisk as usual and needed a Waitrose smoothie & a Nak'd bar to find the energy to walk back home. I then decided to eat a bit more than usual - still within maintenance calories (did I mention I'm in maintenance mode now?) for recovery.

Food Sunday:
Breakfast: porridge with whey & berries


Lunch: salad with grilled halloumi & a flaxseed bread ham sandwich



Dinner: home-made tofu vege-burger with roasted vegetables. I tried coating the courgette with coconut flakes, but they mostly fell off


Snacks: lots of dried fruit including the nak’d bar; Greek yoghurt with fruit puree and some peanut butter.

Today I didn't train before work but did take a walk up to Clifton village at lunchtime, to one of my favourite delis. I bought something naughty for my lunchtime dessert... it was delicious! I also walked into town this evening but managed not to misbehave… it was really hot, very sticky and not entirely pleasant

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with Goji berries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, served with soy milk

Lunch: bought tuna nicoise salad with a left over tofu burger.
Followed by a slice of banana & cinnamon polenta cake


& a small carton of coconut water with pineapple.
Dinner: beef Bolognese sauce on courgette pasta with a salad


Snacks: pot of edamame and some fruit, fresh and dried

Weight: 145lbs

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Saturday showers

I call them showers, but as I drove to Tesco this morning I drove through a vertical river all the way – absolutely torrential. It cleared up while I was shopping, and became sunny for a while (wasted on me as I was stuck indoors doing housework). Then I went for a walk, but it had become more overcast and humid by then, with the odd spot of quite refreshing rain.

Before I forget, thanks for commenting earlier Jessica and Deisegirl.

Jessica, I know what you mean about not commenting when things you read hit a nerve, I’m the same – I also often don’t comment if someone sounds in need of real help because I can’t think of anything more profound than ‘there, there…’ but after reading your comment I’m thinking of rethinking that attitude, because actually your comment made me feel a little bit less lonely in my ‘issues’ and that gave me quite a boost. In answer to your question about the Protein Water I keep mentioning, its not Skinny Water (I have tried one of the range and thought it was horrible – not to mention really expensive – I only bought it because it was discounted heavily – so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. The protein water is literally a drink of water supplemented with whey protein (about 40 g for 174 cals) and I buy it from a couple of sites that sell supplements to people interested in fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding etc. – Myprotein and Superfit. None of them taste so nice you’d pick them over other drinks for flavour but I find them more convenient than whey powder if I’m out and about, and they give my protein intake a hefty boost on days when I’m struggling to get it up where I want it. Of course they’re also as far from ‘real food’ as you can get but that’s a compromise I’m sometimes willing to make for the convenience.

I think I may just let the caffeine have its evil way with me for a while longer by the way. I’ve tried guarana and ginseng, rooibos tea and so on but none of them work as well as good old-fashioned caffeine. And I’ve replaced my duvet with a thin sheet in hopes that will allow me to get through the hot nights more comfortably!

Food today:

Breakfast: Massive smoothie of frozen forest fruits, banana, romaine lettuce, cookies & cream whey, milled linseeds and a little ground almonds for some healthy fats. Sadly that just put me in the mood for a very little foray into the crunchy peanut butter tub in my cupboard – something I wouldn’t risk buying if M didn’t like it so much, but definitely a bit of a trigger for me


Lunch: A bowl of chicken vegetable soup to which I added some silken tofu for no particular reason, with a piece of flaxseed bread spread with Quark and a tomato


Dinner: Camel rib eye (from Australia) with salad & squash chips


Snacks: Snack packs of dates and dried pineapple with a little Greek yoghurt and peanut butter.

Weight: 144.25lbs

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday blog

Bad night’s sleep, no morning training and no walk due to rain. Pouring rain. Day-long struggle with the desire to pig out while bored rigid at work all day. Argh

Luckily I could find the energy to train on the elliptical after work, and that got rid of the last of the restlessness and frustration of the (working) day. Then I spent the evening listening to music with my M. And sneaking off to the kitchen for some very dodgy 80’s style dancing when the song was right Winking smile

Food today:
Breakfast: another flaxseed focaccia egg & bacon sandwich (no tomato because yesterday's was a little soggy)

Lunch: left over zucchini pasta with tomatoes & basil cream, to which I added soya beans, jalapeno slices and other salad veggies; accompanied by a bottle of protein water

Dinner: tofu with a curry-flavoured cauliflower rice stir fry (tofu marinated in a bottled Indian Spiced marinade and baked)


Snacks: Alpro soya pudding; small snack pack of apricots while cooking dinner

Weight: 145.1lbs

Thursday, 7 July 2011


So, Monday & Tuesday nights I took a Nytol before bed and slept better - so much better I decided not to take one last night because I don't want to depend on it or give it a chance to stop working. At the time I did think maybe I should wait till the weekend in case I couldn't sleep but did I listen? Of course not... so I'm sure you won't be surprised that I had a crap night because although I got to sleep I woke up way too early and by then it was too late to take the Nytol, so I just kept awake, then dozed, then woke up again...
I actually feel quite light today but sadly I think that's light-headed not light bodied (I don't know that for sure as I still didn't want to risk weighing this morning, maybe tomorrow if I manage to avoid a sleepless night binge today)
At lunchtime I managed a walk before the rain hit and that (or the lemon, ginger, lime drink I guzzled) gave me a slight energy boost for the afternoon. I was inhaling caffeine all morning just to stay awake, so it was a welcome boost.

Does anyone have any suggestions for energy boosts that don't involve caffeine? Something that won't leave me awake all night again after one bad night?

Food today :

Breakfast: for a change I made an egg, bacon & tomato sandwich with flaxseed focaccia


Lunch: big salad (including left over broccoli salad from last night and roast chickpeas)

Dinner: cabbage tagliatelle with roast red pepper & artichoke hearts


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with a pot of Organix Apple & peach puree (yep, baby food...);


pot of Alpro vanilla soy pudding

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Well, I did manage to train (ellipticize) again this morning. I know it should've been resistance training of some kind but I was.fighting the desire to not bother at all so I decided it was more important to do something - anything - than to try to force myself to do something specific. Baby steps!
At lunchtime it wasn't quite raining so I went for a walk that turned into a shopping expedition - Waitrose for groceries so I could experiment for dinner, and The White Stuff for some probably unnecessary clothes in their summer sale. The staff were so nice it was almost scary...

It was raining by the time I left work so I didn’t walk this evening either. I would have liked to do so, but I’m not a masochistic!

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, blackberries, Goji berries and raspberries, served with soy milk and topped with Greek yoghurt.

Lunch: chicken & vegetable soup and a chunk of flaxseed focaccia spread with LC


Dinner: zucchini pasta with tomatoes & basil cream sauce & crunchy broccoli-raisin salad