Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Working out

Today got off to a slightly better start - I woke up early and then had trouble dragging myself out of bed to train, but once I did manage it I managed to replace my usual cardio session with a circuit of core / resistance type training, so although I don't get the same degree of buzz from that as I do from cardio I'm feeling a little bit pleased with myself! I hate planks though. And bicycle crunches. And...

There was quite a chilly wind when I went for my lunchtime walk - luckily I did bring a jacket to wear even though the forecast was for sunny warmth. I went to Bedminster for some odds and ends and spent too long in Asda so I had to dash back a bit smartish! Still, it was cool enough not to get sweaty, so a touch of breathlessness was good, not embarrassing!

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats & buckwheat flakes soaked in soy milk, orange juice with raisins & chopped toasted hazelnuts

Lunch: salad with hardboiled eggs, leftover roast potatoes & feta cheese

Dinner: roasted salmon (with orange juice, zest and ground coriander) with roasted vegetables


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with pumpkin butter; an almond muffin spread with goats cheese & strawberry jam as a post-training snack; snack pack of sweet chilli houmous with sugarsnap peas & carrot batons (I'm trying to find ways to snack on veg instead of fruit)
Weight: 149.1 lbs

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