Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday woe

I've been feeling very low today, and still lacking energy. I did sleep a bit better - not a full night though, and certainly not enough to make up for a series of bad nights. So no training again - if it wasn't for some walks this would be looking like a rest week by now.
I'm actually feeling anaemic here (I've never been anaemic, but this is how I imagine it might feel) so I'm going to the doctor later in the week to get checked out again. It's probably just TTOM but I don't usually feel this bad.
I was planning to donate blood this evening, but feeling this bad I've decided to wait till the next local session.

I felt a little better around lunchtime - I'm not sure if that's because I ate some sugary stuff (see below) or because the sun was shining, but I do know coming into the office afterwards felt like a punishment...

I tried to push myself into walking this evening after dinner but that didn’t work – I got to the end of the road then turned around and slogged back again, my excuse a cold breeze and some threatening dark clouds; the reality – total lack of interest or desire.

I have a tutorial this evening with my OU tutor. If not for that I’d be curled up in bed with a book already.

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, strawberries, Goji berries and raspberries, served with soy milk and topped with Greek yoghurt.

Lunch: baked potato with a ladle of chicken tikka from the canteen - it was going to be a salad but I felt a bit wobbly so I decided to go stodgier. Then I added one scoop of ice-cream and some dried fruit just to give myself the energy to walk around a bit

Dinner: small piece of rump steak drizzled with some reduced balsamic vinegar, with salad, followed by some dried banana slices (dried, not fried)


Weight: 146.5lbs

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  1. Chris just a thought could you be vitamin B deficient with your gluten free diet? Does guiness have gluten you could make a stew with some, if you don't like the taste should be a double wammy with iron from meat. Or maybe you are just feeling low and lethargic because you are tired!!!!