Thursday, 30 June 2011


This blog was blank till lunchtime because I couldn't think of anything to say. I'm getting bored with saying "I feel crap", "I didn't train" so I'm sure you are sick of reading it too... even so, I didn't train this morning again, though I did consider trying to. I decided to leave it the full week with nothing more strenuous than walking and see if I felt more myself. I also decided to ease up on myself diet-wise… I know you're probably thinking 'what diet' after my confessions this week, but I think clinging to the intention of losing weight while feeling off colour has been adding to my depression. Plus it occurs to me (belatedly) that if I'm not feeling great I need to fuel recovery, not try to restrict calories to weight loss levels. (If you think that sounds like rationalization - up yours!!!) For now, at least until I know if there's something specific wrong, I'm going back into maintenance mode. So instead of nibbling salad for lunch and taking a walk I walked to a little Thai restaurant not too far away for lunch - and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Food today :
Breakfast: for a change I bagged up some chopped onion, mushrooms & baby spinach and packed a couple of eggs to make a microwave omelette at work, served with 2 small slices of gf brioche spread with quark & pumpkin butter

Lunch: Pat Thai Kung


Dinner: salad with feta, soya beans, sprouted pulses & beetroot


Snacks: Melon selection, fruit roll ups, dried banana slices & a babybel lite
Weight: 145.5lbs - BMI 23.4

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