Friday, 3 June 2011

Still aching!

Plus, I'm a dingbat... all this week I've been bringing my breakfast to work in an empty pickled onion jar (hence the lack of photos and the addition of post-training snacks to keep me going till I reach work). Last night I built my usual overnight oats & buckwheat combo, and this morning I left it in the fridge when I left for work... I tided myself over by bringing forward my morning snack and then was left with finding a suitable replacement in a works canteen that is a sea of gluten... how did I do? See below...
I started out to do some strength work this morning even though I'm still aching, but after 20 minutes gave up and did an intervals program on the elliptical instead. As well as aching my muscles seemed like lead, so I decided they needed a little more rest. Every time I stand up and move around my thighs protest again... they do shut up once they warm up though thankfully, and that doesn't take long.
I headed out for a walk at lunchtime. It was beautifully sunny but just a bit too warm when carrying shopping. I do greatly prefer just a bit too warm to freezing wind straight from the Arctic though, so not really complaining... Bristol was full of tourists because its half term and most of them seemed to be sitting outside restaurants for leisurely lunches... I envied them a bit, I'll have to do something like that one of these days
Food today :
Breakfast: fried potatoes, 2 rashers of bacon & 3 tinned tomatoes. What? You didn't expect a healthy fruit platter did you? Next time I'll remember my proper breakfast...


Lunch: salad with chicken, Bacon, sugarsnap peas & feta cheese

Dinner: buffalo chicken chilli with salad and cauliflower rice


Snacks: A decaf coffee-whey protein shake post training. Greek yoghurt with pumpkin butter. One scoop of honey-stem ginger ice-cream from a wonderful stall in Broad Quay, Bristol.


And a pot of edamame - I was feeling an overwhelming desire for something salty and was heading for the canteen to buy some crisps when I remembered the beans and mostly averted disaster...
Weight: 148.8lbs

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