Sunday, 12 June 2011

Saturday–Day 1.1

Back on the wagon more or less (slightly over calories but with healthy calories) although I didn’t drink enough fluids.

I actually woke up feeling quite good, probably because I stopped eating at lunchtime on Friday when my binge stopped so I wasn’t feeling weighed down or bloated. I didn’t train because I did a big house-clean for a viewing (we just put our house on the market – unfortunately after all the hard work they spent about 3 minutes here then left without covering the whole house because for some reason they wanted a bigger garden)

I then drove into town for my pedicure, which was utterly wonderful and gave me pretty toes. Thanks to files and sanding machines the rest of my feet aren’t nearly as gross either due to losing most if not quite all of the dry hard skin and having some intense moisturising. And the half leg massage was really relaxing too…. I now want a pedicure every month. Or week. Or possibly daily.

Food today:

Breakfast: Teff spiced waffles (still wonderful) with stewed apple & raisin (cooked overnight in the slow cooker, very ugly but damn tasty) and Greek yoghurt


Lunch: The pedicure was at 12 and I’m an early luncher anyway so I bought a salad and smoothie in town before hand to avoid making any dirty dishes at home before the viewing. Ham hock, egg & new potato salad – and I didn’t eat the dressing so I don’t actually know the calories



Dinner: Prawn & vegetable stir fry that had originally been planned for Friday night


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries & tinned peaches; dried fruit (dates and raisins) and a slightly odd jar of pickled mussels (odd choice not possibly off)

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  1. Pedicures are the best. Glad you got to treat yourself to one.