Saturday, 4 June 2011


I’m feeling all invigorated and inspired to climb back onto the wagon today! I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m going to make the most of it while I can.

Today I have:

1) Entered the recipes for Teff spiced pancakes and 3 minute protein muffins into WLR to get the calories (after eating both without really knowing how many calories they had)

2) Entered a food plan into WLR for the entire week, and pledged myself to update it if I go off-plan so at least I know what I’m eating (this is the first time for about 3 weeks that I’ve been tracking my calories as opposed to just recording what I’m eating here on the blog)

3) Had a protein shake for my first snack of the day instead of planning to have it in the afternoon, then deciding I can’t face it and getting something else instead – usually something more fattening, lower in protein, and higher in calories

4) Resisted buying anything at the supermarket that I just fancied trying / hadn’t had for ages / couldn’t resist that wasn’t on my shopping list

5) Hid in my bedroom upstairs when I started feeling like grazing so that I could resist going for more food

6) I walked into Caldicot this morning and while I was there made an appointment for a pedicure next Saturday – I’ve wanted to have one for ages, and because I’ve been feeling rubbish about my low will-power / failure to diet etc. I’ve been putting it off. This is not a non-food reward, as I don’t yet know if I’ll have earned a reward by then, but more an attempt to look after myself better and show myself a bit more care than I have been doing. Can’t wait!

7) When I got home from my walk I sat in the sunshine in my back garden for half an hour. That doesn’t sound like much, but its rare for me to spend that long away from my laptop unless I’m watching TV / cooking when I’m home. It got me away from the kitchen (important after spending the last 3 weeks  months training myself to eat something every time I’m even a little bit peckish / bored / frustrated / tired…..

I’m a little hungry. But feeling positive and (almost) happy. I hope it lasts….

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 Teff spiced waffles (340 cals) with 100g Greek yoghurt (fat free – 55 cals) mixed with a tablespoon of pumpkin butter (40 cals)


Lunch: 1 portion of home-made pea, mint & broccoli soup (155 cals)


Dinner: Fake Nando’s with grain-free roll & butternut squash chips (421 cals)


Snacks: Protein water (174 cals); Greek yoghurt with blueberries (132 cals)


Weight: 148.2 lbs


  1. Good to hear you in a nice positive mood lets hope it last for ages. I tend to go up and down like a yoyo.....

  2. Good for you, my dear! Let's wish both of us 'all the best' and hope we can both keep at it.

    Yep... as of this morning I'm joining you as I had a nasty surprise again when I hopped, bleary eyed, onto the scales.

    One scream later, and onto the rower I went, followed by some abs work (boy oh boy, do I ever need it!). Avoided Sainsbury's on my walk to work. Am nibbling some fruit with my lemon tea now and it's off for a walk at lunch even if it is raining.

    BTW, your butternut squash 'fries' look gorgeous - how do you do them?