Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Quickie

Just to say I’m here really! I took a day off work today due to a headache (followed by an upset stomach) so I’ve been avoiding the PC and not staring at the monitor all day. The headache went off mid-morning, and that’s when the stomach started bothering me and I spent a lot of time going to the bathroom… sorry for the TMI!

I did manage to function away from the PC, taking a walk into town when the rain finally eased up, baking a little bit (and throwing away the results – I was trying for a nut pastry case that didn’t work out, or was that because I wasn’t functioning on all cylinders)

I also frosted a chocolate cake I baked at the weekend (then froze) for a work’s Charity Bake Sale tomorrow and baked some ginger biscuits (that spread far more than usual)



Yeah…. it tastes good, but I’ll never win any prizes for my mad frosting skills, hence the desiccated coconut to hide some of the obvious bumps and lumps. I bought a tub of frosting rather than making my own, and threw away the rest so it couldn’t tempt me to misbehave.

Food today:

Breakfast: Overnight soaked oats with fruit, linseeds, Greek yoghurt

Lunch: Monster salad with ham, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds


Dinner: Started out as a fake veggie Nando’s, but my protein was too low so I added a burger and turned it into my version of a healthy fake McDonalds instead…


Supper: A handful of cherries

No snacks today – I was experimenting with increasing meal sizes instead of having snacks, since I often find I’m not hungry much UNTIL I’ve had a snack to keep my blood sugar level. It’s like I’m not in eating mode, then I have a snack and it puts me into eating mode, so I end up nibbling much more.  It worked well today but I’m not underestimating the difference between a day at home feeling dodgy and a day at work feeling bored… so we’ll see!

No weigh in today due to feeling so blech when I got up

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  1. Hope you're feeling a bit better. It's good to tinker with your eating habits, you never know you might stumble on the magic formula that suits YOU.

    Mindless desk nibbling is a curse, so I try to pack a few pieces of fruit in my coolbag. I do have a jar of peanut butter in the desk drawer though and sometimes sneaky spoonfuls find their way into my gob.