Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ouch ouch ouch

Oh my aching thighs... and arms... I guess I did better at re-introducing the strength training than I thought at the time! (I must admit that one of the things that always puts me off is not being sure if I'm doing it right / working hard enough to be useful (because I'm certainly not doing it for fun!) but not hard enough to injure myself)
Today was cardio day again and I abandoned half hearted plans to try going for a jog due to the combined impact of the aching thighs and a really annoying discovery (slightly gross) that I made yesterday evening... I'm used to having ugly feet (lets be honest, unless you have a fetish even the moat attractive foot is not that attractive, and a walkers feet - or a runners, I guess - are worse than most with the callouses and blisters etc. I've now graduated to cracked heels, and its downright painful to put my weight on it, especially the right foot, I guess because the skin at the edge of the cracks is so hard and dry? Anyhow, I slathered on moisturizing foot cream last night and it is better today, but I stuck to the low impact elliptical this morning and apart from a couple of errands at lunchtime I didn't plan on walking either :-( My errands required more walking than I expected and the feet held up quite well in the event, so I'll keep up with the cream moisturizing and hopefully remain mobile!
Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats & buckwheat flakes soaked in soy milk & orange juice with raisins & chopped toasted hazelnuts (I will switch this up soon, I promise!)

Lunch: salad with a pack of sweet chilli cured ham + a half of a snack pack of edamame beans & an acai, apple & banana juice

Dinner: Turkish prawn casserole with roasted veggies (a colleague tried this dish at a restaurant last week and raved about it so I had to try it)


Snacks: A 3 minute protein-pumpkin muffin as a post-training snack (I followed the recipe almost exactly - used a whole egg rather than egg whites & Carob instead of cocoa) and it was SO FILLING.... so filling I had my breakfast hours later than usual, so it actually became my mid-morning snack.


And a bag of Rowntrees Randoms...
Weight: 148.8lbs

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