Sunday, 26 June 2011



I walked into town, that was my only exercise except some half-assed housework.

I ate cake.

Banana bread & carrot cake – both gf but not low cal (not vast amounts, just indulgent amounts). I didn’t binge, I just nibbled gnawed indulged too much while being mostly genuinely hungry. I just couldn’t feel satisfied… But it turned my day into a high fibre day so I guess there’s a slight upside there, though I know I won’t like my next weigh in immensely.

Food today:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit, whey powder and Greek yoghurt


Lunch: Chicken vegetable soup (with added veg) and a gf dinner roll with LC and chicken


Dinner: Tuna steak with salad and a very few home-made chips


Snacks: Dried fruit and the above-mentioned cake.

Weight: 144lbs (so if I hit the top of my healthy weight range, why wasn’t I motivated to fight on????)

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