Saturday, 25 June 2011

Grey Saturday

Well, the forecast showed some sunshine today and they got that completely wrong here in Wales – its been grey and miserable all day long, with drizzle off and on as well.

I did walk into town this morning, and managed to time it to miss the worst drizzle – just a few drops as I arrived in town.

Mostly this has been a good day diet-wise. I was starving mid-morning but kept myself to a fruit roll up or two (ok, one pack, which is two rolls for a total of 54 calories), and I felt dizzy and wobbly briefly in town, but that went away after I bought a bottle of green tea with pomegranate to drink so I think I was a bit dehydrated. No other snacking! I do think, whether I end up sticking to it or not, that I do better on the 3 meals a day in terms of managing to accept that there is a gap between meals and it might be Ok to be hungry for some of that time. I’m not cutting out calories by doing this (not planned calories that is) but simply rearranging them to eat the same number in fewer meals and I am feeling less hungry so far. Hopefully that will continue…

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 Teff spiced waffles (oh no – the last two from my first batch!) with Greek yoghurt and berries


Lunch: Chicken and vegetable soup with some gf brioche to follow, spread with LC and jam


Dinner: Beef Bolognese sauce over courgette pasta with roasted Brussels sprouts.


Weight: 145.2lbs

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