Saturday, 11 June 2011

Friday / Day 0

Today I didn't train again. I got up at my usual time but was just too tired to make it to the gym.
Then lunchtime came, and I marched myself to Clifton Downs... and binged on at least 1500 cals of dried fruit, liquorice, chocolatey crap that wasn't even gluten free... I guess I still needed an energy boost after my terrible nights sleep plus fighting off my infection, but I still wish I hadn't done it even though I think hope believe its a blip not a disaster, if only because it left me feeling a bit sick...

I wanted to make up some training after I got home but instead spent the whole evening lying on the sofa watching Thintervention with Jackie Warner in search of motivation.

Back on the wagon today!!!

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats, buckwheat, blueberries, one chopped dried apricot & mixed seeds with soya milk

Lunch: salad with baked tofu

Dinner: nothing, I wasn’t hungry and didn’t feel well

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with melon; dried Apple; an almond flour muffin; all the junk Clifton had to offer
Weight: 145.2lbs - not constipated today...

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