Monday, 6 June 2011

Days 2 & 3

After feeling really positive on Saturday by evening I was flagging & panicking a bit - not because I thought I'd gain more weight if I broke down and ate something else, but because if the morale-sapping effect of failing to stick to it even for one day. So I did the mature grown up thing and hid upstairs in the bedroom where there was no food. Sunday morning got off to a similar start. I had an overnight oats breakfast to use up the forgotten breakfast from Friday and was still hungry when I finished it, so I hid again, then went driving around for a while (no food in the car either) My brother was coming over for the day, we arranged it at the last minute for rather than trying to work out what to cook I decided we'd walk to Chepstow and eat out - so I was getting my usual urge to binge because I'm not in control of my food today. I had my normal Greek yoghurt & blueberries snack, plus 75 calories of dried apricots - and it started to rain, so now I'm thinking we'll be eating out, but driving there not walking, and because I'd expected a big walk I didn't hit the gym & oh my god here I go again.....
Except I didn't. My brother helped M rearrange the furniture in the living room and then I ordered them pizza for a main meal lunch, and given my reaction last time I had pizza I wasn't even tempted, instead making myself a huge bowl of ham salad with some gf bread. And then, as a reward for being good, the rain eased off enough to let us go for a walk - a shorter one than I'd hoped for, but a walk nonetheless. And I didn't even have an afternoon snack - so I ended up with a very happy calorie count after a day that turned out rather well - and left me feeling much more positive again!
This morning was a rest day as I did get out yesterday. However, I spent some time before getting ready for work doing some housework, then waited till I got to work for my breakfast - which I had remembered to bring in with me. The housework distracted me from any thoughts of pre-breakfast snacks - yay! I know keeping busy is the key to avoiding boredom snacks but of course its not always that easy... I had a boring day at work today without the options of walking away to find a distraction and it was a lot harder to stop thinking about snacking BUT I do believe in the theory that it gets easier with building up momentum, and I did manage to resist... so 3 days of near perfect eating under my belt now!

Food yesterday:

Presentation is everything…. Winking smile



Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats, buckwheat, raisins & chopped nuts with soya milk, this time with a big spoon of pumpkin puree, and a little cinnamon added, and half a tinned peach added this morning

Lunch: salad with grilled tofu & sugarsnap peas

Dinner: chunky mild chilli from the freezer with cauliflower rice & salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; protein water

Weight: 146.4lbs


  1. I am a firm and steadfast believer in the power of three days. If one can pull it together for three days, some sort of critical mass is achieved and things just seem to get a bit easier for a while. A momentum gets going and that coasting in the "sweet spot" starts to happen. But man, oh, man, getting to those three days can be a challenge at times. And sometimes it does require white knuckling it (hiding in the bedroom) until it can be achieved.

    I hope you are feeling more positive and peaceful about all of it these days.

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