Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 6.1

Back on the elliptical this morning (I must admit I really didn't want to train, and for the first ten minutes or so it showed, but it got better once I warmed up to it)
Arms aren't aching, but felt very heavy this morning after my foray into resistance yesterday.

I managed a walk at lunchtime (no rucksack today), not very exciting – just a shopping trip

Food today :
Breakfast: buckwheat groats cooked with a cinnamon stick last night then mixed with soya milk, raisins, whole linseeds & rice bran and left to soak overnight. This morning, because my digestive blockage continued, I added a teaspoon of psyllium husks - not my best idea as they taste like sawdust and certainly did not improve the finished breakfast

Lunch: salad with grilled tofu & sprouts

Dinner: 2 egg mushroom and spinach omelette with salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; cherries; gf brioche post training; dried fruit & a hi fibre protein ball

Weight: 147.4lbs (and despite the date & walnut slice yesterday that is NOT justified)


  1. Fibre. Can't live without it. Normally tastes like cardboard. I hear ya!

  2. psyllium is very sucky but it does work out cheaper than fybogel (and its pretty much the same thing just bigger maybe that's not the right word).I like it with diet lemon or orange soft drink because it goes down a lot easier but no doubt that's a big no no in healthyland...boohiss to healthyland!