Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 5.1

Ellipticized this morning, and no discomfort from the rear so I guess I just needed to rest it a little. It was raining first thing - the kind of annoying persistent drizzle that doesn't look like it warrants an umbrella then sneakily drenched you Steaming mad Luckily it wasn't raining in Bristol, just Wales & a bit of the M4. At lunchtime I sent my magnetic bracelet back to exchange it for a larger size as it wasn't quite big enough to be comfortable. I haven't had a single instance of my aching shoulder problem since I first put it on, so I'm hoping they send out the new one ASAP. It took 2 attempts to find a post office where the queue wouldn't keep me waiting all afternoon, so afterwards I went to the farmers market as a reward... I found THE BEST gluten free cake I've ever had... a wonderful date & walnut slice. He was giving out samples, and had a sign saying gf cakes available, so I had to stop and ask which... turned out they all were, and when I sampled the date & walnut I had to buy a slice and savour it all the way back to the office. One diet break I don't regret or feel guilty about...Open-mouthed smile

After dinner I decided to try a dumb-bell workout from a magazine I bought last month (Zest) I used pitifully small dumb bells (still heavy enough that I failed to finish the last set) and the exercises would probably look laughable to someone who does a lot of resistance work but I’m still proud of myself for doing it! And following a laid out workout instead of finishing an exercise then wondering what to do next. Plus I’m exhausted now and had to put my book down while loading the dishwasher (it is a 500+ page hardback by Bill Bryson and weight nearly 2.5 lbs I’ll have you know) And I worked up a sweat so I’m happy with myself…Angel

Food today :

Breakfast: Amaranth seeds cooked last night then mixed with chopped dried apricot, soya milk, raisins, whole linseeds & rice bran and left to soak overnight

Lunch: salad with ham, sprouts & edible flowers (pretty, huh? But tasteless and expensive so I won’t bother again. The sprouts are great though)


Dinner: quorn 'chicken' stir fry


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; cherries; date & walnut slice


Supper / Post weights snack: Greek yoghurt with honey

Weight: 146.4lbs - now constipated again, and looking into high fibre gf options. They’re surprisingly hard to find, seems like alternative grains have a tiny fraction of the fibre in wheat etc.

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  1. bloody stomachs they'll be the death of us (well I hope not literally, I really would rather die of something else than constipation)....