Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 2.1

Yesterday I made a gluten free dough from my Artisan Bread in 5 minutes book, mainly because I had some eggs needing using (I bought a box of 15 when I already had a box of 9 – whoops!) I expected the bread to be terrible because I realised once I was ready to start making it that I didn’t have enough brown rice flour (or maybe any brown rice flour – I had a jar labelled - by me - ‘rice flour’ and couldn’t remember which it was) and I didn’t have enough honey. But I wanted to make brioche so… I soldiered on regardless. The recipe also contained tapioca starch so I used extra to make up the shortfall in rice flour. I used up my honey then made up the amount I needed with molasses (didn’t have enough agave, didn’t want to use golden syrup, forgot I had maple syrup which on reflection might have been a better substitute) – at least it wasn’t blackstrap molasses! The batter that resulted was incredibly wet and looked like chocolate bread batter. It was supposed to rise at room temperature for 2 hours but somehow I ended up giving it more like 4 and it was about to spill over the top of the bowl by the time I remembered it. Now do you see why I expected disaster??? But I’m stubborn, plus I really do think you learn from your mistakes, so I put it in the fridge overnight and then baked it this morning. There was enough to make 3 loaves, so that’s what I did, figuring that it would take the same amount of time & power as baking one and be easier to throw away if disastrous when solid. Well I’ll be damned – its actually really good, despite the catalogue of disasters continuing and me over-cooking slightly so its REALLY well caramelised!!!




Look at that amazing crumb (for a gf bread) and its really tender too. Love. And I got some more honey and rice flour (it turns out to be a brown & white blend and looks so familiar I’m fairly sure that’s what I used) so when I’m ready to make it again I can follow the recipe properly. Or not, if I still love it this way. But now my freezer is FULL – 3 loaves of dark brown gf brioche and 16 grain-free dinner rolls. Plus I still haven’t used up all my gf not-rye bread. But a person who rarely eats bread can never have too much, right…..? And this bread could just get me back into eating more bread anyway, its that good.

It has been raining since I got up at the crack of dawn here. I mean, non-stop raining. You know me so you know I’m frustrated and restless without my walk today. I did manage to knock out 40 mins on the elliptical, but the whole time I was watching NCIS with one eye, and checking the sky for any sign of a break in the clouds with the another. Nope… and still nope… and nope again. You may notice a snack crept in as a result, that really shouldn’t have…. but at least it fits into my cals

Food today:

Breakfast: 1 egg with egg whites scrambled together, accompanied with not-rye bread and 3 rashers of lf bacon.


Lunch: Cream of curried pumpkin soup and a slice of brioche


Dinner: roast dinner with chicken


Snacks: Summer fruit whey smoothie to which I added a kiwi fruit (skin and all!) at the last minute – and really enjoyed despite not really being a kiwi fan;


and a couple of tiny gf ginger biscuit (made by moi) plus a very small quantity of pic ‘n’ mix sweeties. it would probably have been bigger if I hadn’t realised a lot of my favourites contained gluten…

Weight today: 145.4lbs.

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