Thursday, 23 June 2011

Craptastic day…?

Ellipticized this morning, as I was determined to go into work and got up feeling tired and sluggish again - I think the last remnants of yesterday's headache. As always it did give an energy boost at the time, but it wore off quickly once I got to work and I must admit I wished I'd taken another recovery day. If it hadn't been for the bake sale I'd already baked for I probably would have.

As it was, I binged.... but in a good cause so obviously nothing I pigged out on had any calories... I think it was a combination of eating some sweet stuff early on, still not being fully recovered from yesterday, and just being a card carrying official Miss Piggy... actually though it could have been worse (it has been, in the past!) and I don’t often have anything you could call a treat day, so screw it – today was a Startreat dayStar, celebrated by savouring a selection of gf home-baked goodies, not all baked by me, while giving to a good cause at the same time.

So there. Rationalisation over, I feel better now.

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, raspberries & strawberries; served with soy milk and raisins and topped with Greek yoghurt - very filling! Especially as I had some watermelon before leaving home as part of my breakfast too.


Lunch: tuna (tinned, plain) with a salad

Dinner:  carton of Covent Garden soup - Bloody Mary flavour


Snacks: 1 mango bread muffin (made by me – and I really did have only one, not the whole tin Winking smile)


and one piece gf lemon polenta cake made by my manager - turns out he's gf too! And a piece of flapjack (none of them were huge) and a bag of Rowntrees Randoms when my sugar crash followed along. Obviously I didn't want to eat cake but it was for charity...;-)

Weight: 146.4lbs

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  1. That reminds me, need to make a note somewhere about the need for gluten free baked goods at our next work bake sale! It probably won't be for a while but if you don't make a note of these things you just don't remember the next time it comes around.

    Whenever I have a "treat day" it usually only occurs to me to have one once I've eaten loads of junk, so I can never actually "look forward" to a treat day...however if I was to decide beforehand I'd probably get up and have a Mars Bar and a bag of Monster Bunch for breakfast!!!