Monday, 20 June 2011

Another Monday

My plan to blog at weekends again didn't last very long did it? That is possibly because I didn't have the best weekend... Saturday was rubbish. I didn't get much sleep and then it rained off and on all day so I couldn't bring myself to take a rejuvenating walk and didn't have the energy to train, so it became an unplanned rest day.



Sunday it didn't actually rain, and I did a 9.5 mile round trip to Chepstow. I enjoyed that very much and had a nice skinny decaf amaretto latte at the coffee shop after doing my shopping. Unfortunately I didn't adjust my calories to take the massive burn of carrying a backpack around for over 2.5 hours, and at 10 last night I was in the kitchen eating everything that wasn't nailed down... that's an exaggeration of course, I didn't actually go into full binge mode but I was hungry, and ate too much too fast and too late - failed to judge when I'd had enough, and as a result slept badly through being uncomfortable. Lesson learnt....
Food (the bit I photographed):


Plus macadamia nuts, dried fruit, home-made granola, and left over meatloaf
Today, due to the above miscalculation, I had zero energy for training so I didn't. As always I quickly regretted it, but I think that was guilt rather than doubting my decision, my body was running on empty (energy-wise not food-wise) so I think it was the right choice. I wasn't constipated this morning so the late night cereal & fruit had one positive effect...
I had a quick walk at lunchtime to get some groceries for my Mum & her OH visiting this evening. That meant no evening training either but lots of conversation and some hugs so a good trade off all things considered! I just wish I hadn't felt so icky all day due to lack of sleep...
Food today :
Breakfast: Alara gluten free muesli with goji berries & cranberries, to which I added blueberries & strawberries; served with soy milk. Also some melon chunks

Lunch: big salad with roasted chicken breast

Dinner: gf sausages, squash chips & a poached egg followed by a slice of home-made gf banana, ginger, walnut bread


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries and blackberries; popcorn from pret a manger; dried fruit

Weight: 147.2lbs - not even a little worried considering that I never usually eat that late.

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  1. Don't beat yourself up over the odd mistake. It happens, after all you are human. I find it breath taking that you are as disciplined as you are.....