Thursday, 30 June 2011


This blog was blank till lunchtime because I couldn't think of anything to say. I'm getting bored with saying "I feel crap", "I didn't train" so I'm sure you are sick of reading it too... even so, I didn't train this morning again, though I did consider trying to. I decided to leave it the full week with nothing more strenuous than walking and see if I felt more myself. I also decided to ease up on myself diet-wise… I know you're probably thinking 'what diet' after my confessions this week, but I think clinging to the intention of losing weight while feeling off colour has been adding to my depression. Plus it occurs to me (belatedly) that if I'm not feeling great I need to fuel recovery, not try to restrict calories to weight loss levels. (If you think that sounds like rationalization - up yours!!!) For now, at least until I know if there's something specific wrong, I'm going back into maintenance mode. So instead of nibbling salad for lunch and taking a walk I walked to a little Thai restaurant not too far away for lunch - and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Food today :
Breakfast: for a change I bagged up some chopped onion, mushrooms & baby spinach and packed a couple of eggs to make a microwave omelette at work, served with 2 small slices of gf brioche spread with quark & pumpkin butter

Lunch: Pat Thai Kung


Dinner: salad with feta, soya beans, sprouted pulses & beetroot


Snacks: Melon selection, fruit roll ups, dried banana slices & a babybel lite
Weight: 145.5lbs - BMI 23.4

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday woe

I've been feeling very low today, and still lacking energy. I did sleep a bit better - not a full night though, and certainly not enough to make up for a series of bad nights. So no training again - if it wasn't for some walks this would be looking like a rest week by now.
I'm actually feeling anaemic here (I've never been anaemic, but this is how I imagine it might feel) so I'm going to the doctor later in the week to get checked out again. It's probably just TTOM but I don't usually feel this bad.
I was planning to donate blood this evening, but feeling this bad I've decided to wait till the next local session.

I felt a little better around lunchtime - I'm not sure if that's because I ate some sugary stuff (see below) or because the sun was shining, but I do know coming into the office afterwards felt like a punishment...

I tried to push myself into walking this evening after dinner but that didn’t work – I got to the end of the road then turned around and slogged back again, my excuse a cold breeze and some threatening dark clouds; the reality – total lack of interest or desire.

I have a tutorial this evening with my OU tutor. If not for that I’d be curled up in bed with a book already.

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, strawberries, Goji berries and raspberries, served with soy milk and topped with Greek yoghurt.

Lunch: baked potato with a ladle of chicken tikka from the canteen - it was going to be a salad but I felt a bit wobbly so I decided to go stodgier. Then I added one scoop of ice-cream and some dried fruit just to give myself the energy to walk around a bit

Dinner: small piece of rump steak drizzled with some reduced balsamic vinegar, with salad, followed by some dried banana slices (dried, not fried)


Weight: 146.5lbs

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tuesdays post

I woke up at 2:20 again last night and struggled for ages to get back to sleep. So I couldn't drag myself to the gym because I felt like I was running on empty despite last nights extreme fuelling behaviour. My final confession regarding yesterday: after my binge I took a laxative (and I know I absolutely shouldn't have done so, I wasn't constipated & I just wanted to undo the effects of the binge as soon as possible - not a good place to go) that seemed very effective in removing most of the evidence of yesterday's indiscretion this morning, so I'm not sure I would have lasted out the session if I had made it into the gym.
I did make it out for a much needed walk at lunchtime and really enjoyed it for its head-clearing effects even though it was raining lightly all the way back.

After dinner I went for an evening walk into town. It was a lovely evening though at the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was going to get wet on the way back!

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, raisins and raspberries, served with soy milk and topped with Greek yoghurt.

Lunch: salad with wafer thin ham & roasted chickpeas, plus 2 fruit roll ups

Dinner: tofu filet pan-fried with stir fried veggies


Weight: 145.5lbs

Monday’s real post

This is the post I wrote yesterday before falling apart after work...

I hate Mondays... for some reason I never sleep very well Sunday night and last night was no exception as I woke up at 2:20 and struggled for ages to get back to sleep. Of course Monday is supposed to be my rest day anyway, so I guess it doesn't much matter that I was more likely to sprout wings and fly than train first thing...

It's been a horribly humid and hot day, not helped by the apparent lack if working aircon in the office. I went for a walk at lunchtime and it felt more like a swim, even when it started drizzling when I was at the furthest point of the walk. ETA I planned another walk after work, but you already know what happened to that…

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries strawberries and raspberries, served with soy milk and topped with Greek yoghurt.

Lunch: salad with grilled tofu and roasted chickpeas, a bottle of protein water and 2 fruit roll ups. I tried to boost my energy with a wheatgrass, apple and lemon juice as well (didn't really work, but tasty) and a bag of crisps...

Dinner: turkey gumbo based on a gf recipe I found in a free android app called Gluten free recipes. I liked it!


Weight: 145.1lbs

Monday, 27 June 2011

Its too hot.

And I’m too tired, after an appalling night’s sleep last night

I’m also in the middle of a binge, with no intention of stopping. Even now I’ve ‘fessed up.



Sunday, 26 June 2011



I walked into town, that was my only exercise except some half-assed housework.

I ate cake.

Banana bread & carrot cake – both gf but not low cal (not vast amounts, just indulgent amounts). I didn’t binge, I just nibbled gnawed indulged too much while being mostly genuinely hungry. I just couldn’t feel satisfied… But it turned my day into a high fibre day so I guess there’s a slight upside there, though I know I won’t like my next weigh in immensely.

Food today:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit, whey powder and Greek yoghurt


Lunch: Chicken vegetable soup (with added veg) and a gf dinner roll with LC and chicken


Dinner: Tuna steak with salad and a very few home-made chips


Snacks: Dried fruit and the above-mentioned cake.

Weight: 144lbs (so if I hit the top of my healthy weight range, why wasn’t I motivated to fight on????)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Grey Saturday

Well, the forecast showed some sunshine today and they got that completely wrong here in Wales – its been grey and miserable all day long, with drizzle off and on as well.

I did walk into town this morning, and managed to time it to miss the worst drizzle – just a few drops as I arrived in town.

Mostly this has been a good day diet-wise. I was starving mid-morning but kept myself to a fruit roll up or two (ok, one pack, which is two rolls for a total of 54 calories), and I felt dizzy and wobbly briefly in town, but that went away after I bought a bottle of green tea with pomegranate to drink so I think I was a bit dehydrated. No other snacking! I do think, whether I end up sticking to it or not, that I do better on the 3 meals a day in terms of managing to accept that there is a gap between meals and it might be Ok to be hungry for some of that time. I’m not cutting out calories by doing this (not planned calories that is) but simply rearranging them to eat the same number in fewer meals and I am feeling less hungry so far. Hopefully that will continue…

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 Teff spiced waffles (oh no – the last two from my first batch!) with Greek yoghurt and berries


Lunch: Chicken and vegetable soup with some gf brioche to follow, spread with LC and jam


Dinner: Beef Bolognese sauce over courgette pasta with roasted Brussels sprouts.


Weight: 145.2lbs

Friday, 24 June 2011


Once again (I sound like a stuck record, don't I?) I got up knackered and not wanting to train. Actually that's not 100% true, I wanted to do my noddy lifting program but couldn't because I've somehow managed to hurt my left wrist, so instead I hopped (well, dragged myself might be more accurate) onto the elliptical. For the first time in ages - possibly ever - I didn't think I'd last the full 40 mins, but somehow I did manage to slog it out so yay me! I have to say I never expected to say this, but I was disappointed not to be able to do the lifting, but leaning on my left hand while getting out of bed was kind of painful so better safe than sorry!
I then had to rush around like a mad thing when I realised that I'd forgotten to prepare my breakfast and lunch last night, so I found myself slinging salad into one container and oats etc. into another.... somehow I managed to get the right stuff into the right container, I don't think oats soaked in milk with red onion and peppers would make a very nice breakfast - or lunch, come to that SmileAt lunchtime I took a swift walk just for fresh air and boredom relief. I didn't go far but then it doesn't take long to relax when away from my desk Open-mouthed smile

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight half an hour oats with blueberries and raspberries, served with soy milk and topped with Greek yoghurt. Plus a little watermelon before leaving home.

Lunch: salad with feta, edamame, peppers & new potatoes. At work I realised I'd meant to pack some dressing and had forgotten (I don't know where my brain has been lately - pretty much in a fog since I stopped Wednesday's migraine attempt in its tracks) so I bought a little more salad from the canteen to allow myself to also get a tiny trickle of balsamic vinegar & olive oil to moisten it a bit. I accompanied it with a protein water that I didn’t like much; so I took the taste away with an orange, mango & carrot smoothie from Waitrose

Dinner: baked tofu marinated in coconut chilli sauce with stir fried vegetables


Weight: I could actually feel the water retention caused by all the sugar yesterday so I didn't weigh in.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Craptastic day…?

Ellipticized this morning, as I was determined to go into work and got up feeling tired and sluggish again - I think the last remnants of yesterday's headache. As always it did give an energy boost at the time, but it wore off quickly once I got to work and I must admit I wished I'd taken another recovery day. If it hadn't been for the bake sale I'd already baked for I probably would have.

As it was, I binged.... but in a good cause so obviously nothing I pigged out on had any calories... I think it was a combination of eating some sweet stuff early on, still not being fully recovered from yesterday, and just being a card carrying official Miss Piggy... actually though it could have been worse (it has been, in the past!) and I don’t often have anything you could call a treat day, so screw it – today was a Startreat dayStar, celebrated by savouring a selection of gf home-baked goodies, not all baked by me, while giving to a good cause at the same time.

So there. Rationalisation over, I feel better now.

Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries, raspberries & strawberries; served with soy milk and raisins and topped with Greek yoghurt - very filling! Especially as I had some watermelon before leaving home as part of my breakfast too.


Lunch: tuna (tinned, plain) with a salad

Dinner:  carton of Covent Garden soup - Bloody Mary flavour


Snacks: 1 mango bread muffin (made by me – and I really did have only one, not the whole tin Winking smile)


and one piece gf lemon polenta cake made by my manager - turns out he's gf too! And a piece of flapjack (none of them were huge) and a bag of Rowntrees Randoms when my sugar crash followed along. Obviously I didn't want to eat cake but it was for charity...;-)

Weight: 146.4lbs

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Quickie

Just to say I’m here really! I took a day off work today due to a headache (followed by an upset stomach) so I’ve been avoiding the PC and not staring at the monitor all day. The headache went off mid-morning, and that’s when the stomach started bothering me and I spent a lot of time going to the bathroom… sorry for the TMI!

I did manage to function away from the PC, taking a walk into town when the rain finally eased up, baking a little bit (and throwing away the results – I was trying for a nut pastry case that didn’t work out, or was that because I wasn’t functioning on all cylinders)

I also frosted a chocolate cake I baked at the weekend (then froze) for a work’s Charity Bake Sale tomorrow and baked some ginger biscuits (that spread far more than usual)



Yeah…. it tastes good, but I’ll never win any prizes for my mad frosting skills, hence the desiccated coconut to hide some of the obvious bumps and lumps. I bought a tub of frosting rather than making my own, and threw away the rest so it couldn’t tempt me to misbehave.

Food today:

Breakfast: Overnight soaked oats with fruit, linseeds, Greek yoghurt

Lunch: Monster salad with ham, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds


Dinner: Started out as a fake veggie Nando’s, but my protein was too low so I added a burger and turned it into my version of a healthy fake McDonalds instead…


Supper: A handful of cherries

No snacks today – I was experimenting with increasing meal sizes instead of having snacks, since I often find I’m not hungry much UNTIL I’ve had a snack to keep my blood sugar level. It’s like I’m not in eating mode, then I have a snack and it puts me into eating mode, so I end up nibbling much more.  It worked well today but I’m not underestimating the difference between a day at home feeling dodgy and a day at work feeling bored… so we’ll see!

No weigh in today due to feeling so blech when I got up

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday–I think?

Ellipticized this morning. I didn't feel like it but I'm determined not to get into a trend of not bothering, especially now that we're well and truly into a typical British summer and I can't rely on being able to take walks instead. Speaking of walks, I didn't take one at lunchtime even though it was dry because I needed to get some work done for my OU course. It was interesting but I missed the break from my desk - given that I've paid for the course and want to do it that won't stop me, but I think it will encourage me to take myself off to the canteen (danger!) or a quiet meeting room next time. I made up for it with an extra walk this evening after dinner – it was lovely, though the weather seemed undecided between a warm, sunny evening with a gentle breeze and an overcast evening with quite a chilly wind…


Food today :
Breakfast: gf overnight oats with blueberries & strawberries; served with soy milk and a couple of walnuts & macadamia nuts. Also a sliver of banana nut bread as post-training snack

Lunch: big salad with edamame beans, leftover chunks of baked potatoes, and sweetfire beetroot

Dinner: tofu filet with wild garlic(absolutely lovely – from a Bristol health food shop I will be returning to)  pan-fried and served with stir fried vegetables. I used a bottled coconut chilli sauce on the vegetables – it was excellent!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey; protein water; dried fruit
Weight: 146.2lbs

Monday, 20 June 2011

Another Monday

My plan to blog at weekends again didn't last very long did it? That is possibly because I didn't have the best weekend... Saturday was rubbish. I didn't get much sleep and then it rained off and on all day so I couldn't bring myself to take a rejuvenating walk and didn't have the energy to train, so it became an unplanned rest day.



Sunday it didn't actually rain, and I did a 9.5 mile round trip to Chepstow. I enjoyed that very much and had a nice skinny decaf amaretto latte at the coffee shop after doing my shopping. Unfortunately I didn't adjust my calories to take the massive burn of carrying a backpack around for over 2.5 hours, and at 10 last night I was in the kitchen eating everything that wasn't nailed down... that's an exaggeration of course, I didn't actually go into full binge mode but I was hungry, and ate too much too fast and too late - failed to judge when I'd had enough, and as a result slept badly through being uncomfortable. Lesson learnt....
Food (the bit I photographed):


Plus macadamia nuts, dried fruit, home-made granola, and left over meatloaf
Today, due to the above miscalculation, I had zero energy for training so I didn't. As always I quickly regretted it, but I think that was guilt rather than doubting my decision, my body was running on empty (energy-wise not food-wise) so I think it was the right choice. I wasn't constipated this morning so the late night cereal & fruit had one positive effect...
I had a quick walk at lunchtime to get some groceries for my Mum & her OH visiting this evening. That meant no evening training either but lots of conversation and some hugs so a good trade off all things considered! I just wish I hadn't felt so icky all day due to lack of sleep...
Food today :
Breakfast: Alara gluten free muesli with goji berries & cranberries, to which I added blueberries & strawberries; served with soy milk. Also some melon chunks

Lunch: big salad with roasted chicken breast

Dinner: gf sausages, squash chips & a poached egg followed by a slice of home-made gf banana, ginger, walnut bread


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries and blackberries; popcorn from pret a manger; dried fruit

Weight: 147.2lbs - not even a little worried considering that I never usually eat that late.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day ? can’t remember

Weights again today - even though I started aching last night, so by tomorrow I may not be able to lift my arms ;-)
I realised this morning that I made a mistake when following the program on Wednesday - the magazine gave 3 workouts of differing intensity, each consisting of 3 lifts. I did all 9 exercises... having said that I finished the program (apart from one of the challenging set) and it took the right length of time for me - so I did the same thing deliberately today! I didn't enjoy it but it did go well with an episode of NCIS!
I walked to Waitrose at lunch in grey but dry weather... then back again in light but persistent drizzle. The forecast is for rubbish weather all weekend and I'm already feeling cranky about it!!

After work I was feeling stressed and pissy when I got home I went on the elliptical for 40 mins. I worked really hard and built up a hell of a sweat, working off that adrenalin. It was a good way to come down from work!

Food today :
Breakfast: quinoa cooked in green tea last night then mixed with soya milk, raisins, blueberries & rice bran and left to soak overnight.

Lunch: big salad with defrosted frozen soya beans for fibre-filled protein

Dinner: quorn chicken stir fry


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; small slice not-rye bread with a poached egg as post-training snack;


protein water
Weight: 146.4lbs

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 6.1

Back on the elliptical this morning (I must admit I really didn't want to train, and for the first ten minutes or so it showed, but it got better once I warmed up to it)
Arms aren't aching, but felt very heavy this morning after my foray into resistance yesterday.

I managed a walk at lunchtime (no rucksack today), not very exciting – just a shopping trip

Food today :
Breakfast: buckwheat groats cooked with a cinnamon stick last night then mixed with soya milk, raisins, whole linseeds & rice bran and left to soak overnight. This morning, because my digestive blockage continued, I added a teaspoon of psyllium husks - not my best idea as they taste like sawdust and certainly did not improve the finished breakfast

Lunch: salad with grilled tofu & sprouts

Dinner: 2 egg mushroom and spinach omelette with salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; cherries; gf brioche post training; dried fruit & a hi fibre protein ball

Weight: 147.4lbs (and despite the date & walnut slice yesterday that is NOT justified)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 5.1

Ellipticized this morning, and no discomfort from the rear so I guess I just needed to rest it a little. It was raining first thing - the kind of annoying persistent drizzle that doesn't look like it warrants an umbrella then sneakily drenched you Steaming mad Luckily it wasn't raining in Bristol, just Wales & a bit of the M4. At lunchtime I sent my magnetic bracelet back to exchange it for a larger size as it wasn't quite big enough to be comfortable. I haven't had a single instance of my aching shoulder problem since I first put it on, so I'm hoping they send out the new one ASAP. It took 2 attempts to find a post office where the queue wouldn't keep me waiting all afternoon, so afterwards I went to the farmers market as a reward... I found THE BEST gluten free cake I've ever had... a wonderful date & walnut slice. He was giving out samples, and had a sign saying gf cakes available, so I had to stop and ask which... turned out they all were, and when I sampled the date & walnut I had to buy a slice and savour it all the way back to the office. One diet break I don't regret or feel guilty about...Open-mouthed smile

After dinner I decided to try a dumb-bell workout from a magazine I bought last month (Zest) I used pitifully small dumb bells (still heavy enough that I failed to finish the last set) and the exercises would probably look laughable to someone who does a lot of resistance work but I’m still proud of myself for doing it! And following a laid out workout instead of finishing an exercise then wondering what to do next. Plus I’m exhausted now and had to put my book down while loading the dishwasher (it is a 500+ page hardback by Bill Bryson and weight nearly 2.5 lbs I’ll have you know) And I worked up a sweat so I’m happy with myself…Angel

Food today :

Breakfast: Amaranth seeds cooked last night then mixed with chopped dried apricot, soya milk, raisins, whole linseeds & rice bran and left to soak overnight

Lunch: salad with ham, sprouts & edible flowers (pretty, huh? But tasteless and expensive so I won’t bother again. The sprouts are great though)


Dinner: quorn 'chicken' stir fry


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; cherries; date & walnut slice


Supper / Post weights snack: Greek yoghurt with honey

Weight: 146.4lbs - now constipated again, and looking into high fibre gf options. They’re surprisingly hard to find, seems like alternative grains have a tiny fraction of the fibre in wheat etc.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 4.1

I didn't train this morning due to a combination of being absolutely knackered, uncomfortable because of the muscle pain I mentioned yesterday, and having a slightly dodgy stomach, though none of those things would have stopped me individually.

Lunchtime was a repeat of yesterday with a swift donating books trip and some high speed shopping, and I decided to go for another walk after work to keep the blood flowing after work. It was a beautiful evening so I had a lovely walk, but was stung by eleventy-million stinging nettles and then had to make a detour to avoid a field full of cows…

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats, buckwheat, stewed apple & raisins with soya milk

Lunch: salad with ham & hard boiled egg

Dinner: cold baked salmon and a bought rice noodle salad bulked up with extra lettuce because it was really small


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with peaches and blueberries; protein water

Weight: 146.4lbs - salty dinner last night and a little late night snacking

Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 3.1

Started the day on the elliptical, which felt good apart from the fact that I've been getting a slight odd discomfort - it feels a bit like very slight cramp - in the muscle at the back of the thigh where it meets my ass (don't know the name of the muscle) which I ignored to soldier on.
Rained again this morning, at least I don't have to worry about remembering to water my tomato plants at the moment, and they seem to be flourishing without much help from me!
Lunchtime raced up a steep hill with a heavy rucksack full of books to be donated to Oxfam, did some quick shopping and raced back again. It didn't rain but was cloudy and overcast with a cool breeze that is actually welcome when lugging such a heavy load!

I stopped off on the way home at my Dad’s house and spent a few hours chatting with him, his wife & my brother, who was also visiting. I enjoyed my visit very much! Apologies, no photos today!

Food today :
Breakfast: overnight oats, buckwheat, stewed apple & raisins with soya milk

Lunch: salad with baked tofu & a mini babybel

Dinner: pork tenderloin marinated in maple syrup & dark soy sauce with new potatoes, green beans and sweetcorn

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with mixed fruit; protein water; post-training snack of one slice gf brioche spread with low sugar strawberry jam (next time I'll add some protein)

Weight: 145.5lbs

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 2.1

Yesterday I made a gluten free dough from my Artisan Bread in 5 minutes book, mainly because I had some eggs needing using (I bought a box of 15 when I already had a box of 9 – whoops!) I expected the bread to be terrible because I realised once I was ready to start making it that I didn’t have enough brown rice flour (or maybe any brown rice flour – I had a jar labelled - by me - ‘rice flour’ and couldn’t remember which it was) and I didn’t have enough honey. But I wanted to make brioche so… I soldiered on regardless. The recipe also contained tapioca starch so I used extra to make up the shortfall in rice flour. I used up my honey then made up the amount I needed with molasses (didn’t have enough agave, didn’t want to use golden syrup, forgot I had maple syrup which on reflection might have been a better substitute) – at least it wasn’t blackstrap molasses! The batter that resulted was incredibly wet and looked like chocolate bread batter. It was supposed to rise at room temperature for 2 hours but somehow I ended up giving it more like 4 and it was about to spill over the top of the bowl by the time I remembered it. Now do you see why I expected disaster??? But I’m stubborn, plus I really do think you learn from your mistakes, so I put it in the fridge overnight and then baked it this morning. There was enough to make 3 loaves, so that’s what I did, figuring that it would take the same amount of time & power as baking one and be easier to throw away if disastrous when solid. Well I’ll be damned – its actually really good, despite the catalogue of disasters continuing and me over-cooking slightly so its REALLY well caramelised!!!




Look at that amazing crumb (for a gf bread) and its really tender too. Love. And I got some more honey and rice flour (it turns out to be a brown & white blend and looks so familiar I’m fairly sure that’s what I used) so when I’m ready to make it again I can follow the recipe properly. Or not, if I still love it this way. But now my freezer is FULL – 3 loaves of dark brown gf brioche and 16 grain-free dinner rolls. Plus I still haven’t used up all my gf not-rye bread. But a person who rarely eats bread can never have too much, right…..? And this bread could just get me back into eating more bread anyway, its that good.

It has been raining since I got up at the crack of dawn here. I mean, non-stop raining. You know me so you know I’m frustrated and restless without my walk today. I did manage to knock out 40 mins on the elliptical, but the whole time I was watching NCIS with one eye, and checking the sky for any sign of a break in the clouds with the another. Nope… and still nope… and nope again. You may notice a snack crept in as a result, that really shouldn’t have…. but at least it fits into my cals

Food today:

Breakfast: 1 egg with egg whites scrambled together, accompanied with not-rye bread and 3 rashers of lf bacon.


Lunch: Cream of curried pumpkin soup and a slice of brioche


Dinner: roast dinner with chicken


Snacks: Summer fruit whey smoothie to which I added a kiwi fruit (skin and all!) at the last minute – and really enjoyed despite not really being a kiwi fan;


and a couple of tiny gf ginger biscuit (made by moi) plus a very small quantity of pic ‘n’ mix sweeties. it would probably have been bigger if I hadn’t realised a lot of my favourites contained gluten…

Weight today: 145.4lbs.