Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wet weekend

Well, we got the rain I was hoping for earlier in the week… I could have done without it starting as I tramped across a field towards town, when I had no time to go home because I was heading for an appointment to get my hair trimmed. I could have done without the thunder (only 2 thunderclaps, but that’s enough when you’re in the middle of nowhere, right?). Mostly I could have done without reaching town to discover that my hairdresser seems to have gone bust (ominous note from the landlord on the window about reclaiming the property and asserting his right to the equipment etc.) so I did it all to end up still having over-grown hair, plus the need to search for another hairdresser…

On the way home I used my umbrella (which was buried at the bottom of my rucksack on the way out) and kind of almost sorta enjoyed walking in the rain. There were fewer people around, and the sound of the rain drops pattering onto polyester brolly was quite nice once it wasn’t getting my glasses wet…

When I got back I was quite hungry and it was too early for lunch, so I did some baking, knocking up a loaf of grain free bread and a set of grain free rolls from a new-to-me gf site I found during the week. I want to try some sweet baking from there too, maybe tomorrow, as there are some very appealing biscuits and cakes on there. I haven’t tried the bread yet, but it looks hopeful, don’t you think? (The loaf actually looked better before it was baked but I think I over-filled the loaf pan so some spilled over the edge, leaving it a bit flat looking)


Food today:

Breakfast: Tropical protein smoothie-in-a-bowl. I know it looks somewhat bland, but it was yummy


Lunch: Salad with feta cheese, eggs and sprouted pulses


Dinner: Tofu marinated in Nando’s garlic peri peri sauce then baked, with home-made oven squash chips, lightly roasted peppers and asparagus, and salad


Snacks: A mini bag of chocolate M & Ms, a Gingerbread Nak’d bar and some Greek yoghurt with blackberries, eaten as always straight from the tub because I’m classy Open-mouthed smile and I looove extra washing up


Weight: 148.5lbs (10st 8.5lbs – I’m switching to recording it in pounds because that way I find it slightly harder to make an emotional connection to the number Flirt male)

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