Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday walking… again

I slept much better last night apart from waking up irrevocably at 4am. I got up early and trained, but only ellipticizing because I was still tired. I decided to try to add an afternoon resistance session as well - and to make that more likely, decided to have a protein shake just before leaving work in the hope I wouldn't be really hungry when I got home that way. Unfortunately my lunch had very little sticking power so I had the shake earlier than planned & was still hungry before I even left the office... I like doing something in the evening as well as the morning if only because it leaves less time for snacking, but as I always tend to be very hungry after work its hard to motivate myself to do anything more than walk - which I can do straight after eating, so long as I don't race off at a fast enough pace to cause nausea. So my after-work resistance session became an after-dinner walk again... I went over the fields rather than along the embankment, and the only wild life I saw had 4 legs and fur, or 2 legs and feathers!!!

Food today :
Breakfast:  gf waffle with Greek yoghurt, blackberries & strawberries


Lunch: salad with smoked salmon and some wine gums

Dinner:  rump steak stir fried with vegetables & shirataki noodles


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with roasted rhubarb; protein shake/protein latte - cookies & cream whey with iced decaf coffee

Weight: don't know... I didn't weigh today

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