Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Speedy Wednesday

Training today was quite good- some stretches (probably not enough) followed by a resistance circuit using kettle bells, a very few chin ups and a few press ups, then the walker for a HIIT program - and I upped the resistance on the machine.
At lunchtime I went for a walk to a Bristol health store. I love it but its just too far to walk in a lunch break so I think I'll have to focus on mail order options instead. Last night I baked some gluten free ginger cookies (it says use arrowroot so I used all I had, then added all the arrowroot I had, and finally finished up adding 30g of cornflour as well) and ran out of arrowroot, tapioca starch and honey - so I wanted to try to stock up.
I focused on walking there & back as quickly as possible without worrying as much about getting sweaty (luckily it was a bit cooler today). I averaged just under 4 mph, not bad when I started out climbing a really steep hill! I managed to get some arrowroot but the honey was out of this world expensive so I decided to get it at the supermarket, and there wasn't any tapioca flour so it was a less than 100% successful trip - and I put all my shopping into my (ridiculously large) handbag where the arrowroot proceeded to leak all over everything... Grrrrrr…

To top it all off I was invited to a meeting at lunchtime than ran on past my usual leaving time. I hate meetings at the best of times, and home time isn’t the best of times for a meeting… ah well, I was only half an hour late leaving the office in the end.

Food today :
Breakfast:  tropical protein smoothie topped with melted coconut butter - I have been using strawberries but ran out yesterday, so used blackberries instead for a pleasant change. Topped with melted coconut butter that unfortunately got over-melted and lets call it ‘toasted’ in the microwave… tasted no different to me anyway


Lunch: salad with soya beans & baked reggae reggae tofu

Dinner: Chicken style quorn pieces (they're gluten free, unlike the mince!) with a colourful explosion of stir fried veg


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blackberries and a mini babybel, plus an energy ball and some chocolate milk bought in the health food shop
No weigh in this morning

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  1. Been there done that with stuff leaking all over the handbag :(